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AdLeaks TV Episode 18 | Native Ads & Privacy Laws

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adleaks tv episode 18 featured
adleaks tv episode 18 featured

Hi, I’m Luke Kostka, and welcome to AdLeaks TV Episode 18.

We have some great AdLeaks posts from July 8 - July 14 to help you stay on top of what’s going on in the online marketing and ad buyer world.

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AdLeaks TV Episode 18: What’s New Now!

This week, what’s new is a privacy feature in iOS 14 that could make it more difficult for marketers to show users personalized ads.

iOS 14 uses an opt-in dialog for ad tracking that could impact the way users see ads on Facebook, Google, and more.

This is an ongoing discussion in our Facebook group, and there’s lots of interesting points about how these changes will impact future ad buys. Visit the AdLeaks Platinum Facebook page now to see the whole thread.

In other news, Brazil has announced a new privacy law that governs how businesses can process user data.

The new law, which will apply to businesses that market in Brazil, is scheduled to go into effect in August.

Featured Videos

Our featured video today is from Maor Benaim. He’s got some insider tips and shortcuts for running native ads, which is an underused tactic for a lot of digital marketers out there. Check this out --

“Different products [can] help you explore highly scalable high-inventory publishers. They serve the ad there and go into a different exploration phase. You don't really have to spend tons and tons of money on different publishers that may not even be scalable once they start converting. And it can kill the long tail off with tons of publishers.”


“Also, when you’re using a tool, if you don't get conversions right away, you have to wait. Even if you don't get conversions from a specific publisher, that might be a very big publisher that attracts a lot of eyes and give you a lot of clicks. The system is still learning, and it doesn’t learn as fast as Facebook or Google. Native ads need a lot of clicks and conversions to make decisions. Give it some time.

“There are so many times where I got tons of clicks from one publisher that didn't convert at first but did later. And at least at the start, you need to give it some time. And if I would have closed those publishers that didn't convert right away, I would have ruined the learning process for the system. I would have been stuck later. But this is scalable, and it's just like opening up a new account.”

Thanks a lot, Maor. That video is less than 15 minutes, so check it out.

Guess what? It’s time for the throwback post of the week.

Throwback Post of the Week

This week’s post comes from Tomasz Pasko, from way back in August 2018.

Tomasz dropped a huge checklist that you can use to optimize your eCommerce store before you run Facebook Ads.

There’s 72 items on this list, and they’re prioritized so you can start getting the best possible results from your ad spend right away.

Check that list out, and thanks a lot, Tomasz.

Wrap-Up on AdLeaks TV Episode 18

And that’s it for AdLeaks TV Episode 18! I hope you liked this one.

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I’m Luke Kostka, and thanks again for watching AdLeaks TV.

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