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Utilize Instagram to help spread brand awareness and increase sales

Instagram is a great place for people to discover new things and share the experience. Brands saw this as a window to share something new and fresh to the users. In fact, a recent study said that 66% of users use Instagram because it allows them to interact with brands.

Instagram is a unique opportunity for brands to connect with customers. It is a great place to generate awareness and build rapport. Most importantly, it drives sales through the roof. An Instagram survey found that 54% of users decide to purchase on the spot after seeing the product or service on Instagram.


Ads help in building a great impression to your customers.


What can Instagram do for your business?

  • Widen your market

Instagram allows you to reach a wide range of users. It connects you to specialized, specific groups of people like non-TV viewers or users over the age of 55. Promote through ads that match the content people enjoy on Instagram. Design ads that are short, relevant and customized for Instagram’s platform. Users love stories because it offers a creative, authentic and playful way to communicate. Take this as an example. Present your ads using stories since people are mostly engaging with this format. Seriously, you'll notice awesome engagement with a captivating story ad.

  • Promote and drive sales faster

Users browse and go through every step of the shopping experience using Instagram. Take advantage of this opportunity to give your customers a little push. Use hashtags, share testimonials and reviews to promote an exclusive sale. It has been proven that 87% of buyers say they were convinced to buy after seeing the promotion on their feed. This is how powerful Instagram is when it comes to awareness and driving sales. Be creative. Put yourself in the mindset of your buyers.

  • Create content that is relevant to customers

Most of the time, users follow brands because they like the content being posted. Users feel a connection or relevance to the photos and videos. Therefore, promote content that your audience enjoys. This is the best way to attract their attention and keep that attention long enough for a purchase. Do not overthink it. There is such a thing as an overly designed ad. Just aim to capture and keep a user’s attention.

Keep up with trends and changes in customer’s preference. One way to expand your audience is to engage with groups that are following your brand. Offer something worthwhile to make your followers feel valued. For example, give your followers an exclusive entry to your special events or discount vouchers that can save them some cash.


In order to attract customers, always start with the basics – capturing attention. Once you have their attention, offer something to keep that attention in focus. Then pave your way to convince your customers to buy. Lastly, make them feel valued by offering a sweet deal. This can be in the form of a discount or a freebie. Instagram is a great tool. Capitalize on that.


Happy Hunting!

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