Creating Relevant Content Part #2

By Tim Burd - December 28, 2018 1583 Views
By Tim Burd - December 28, 2018 1584 Views

Relevant Content Part #2

Previously, we touched on the basics of how to create content your audience will drool over. In part two, we take a deeper dive to help you understand exactly how to create relevant content that your audience will love.

The primary method to achieve relevancy is providing your audience with content that relates to them. You can create relevant content by understanding what relevance is and developing a process to obtain it.     

Relevant Content Will Be Eaten Up

It does not take long after clicking a search engine link to see if the page contains the content you are looking for. Keeping relevant content in mind when creating the design, layout and opening paragraph are huge in grabbing the attention of your audience and keeping them engaged!

Make it Believable

Take your content one step further than authentic, make it believable.  If you choose to create content that is inapplicable and insignificant to your audience’s wants and needs, not many people will take you seriously.

Bottom line: If your audience doesn’t believe in your message or product they will not buy. Get your message across fast, often and clearly as you can. Make sure to solve pain points that your target audience may have.

creating relevant content is not as easy as it may seem.
Solve pain points with your content!


Show Your Importance

With so many conversations happening online at once, users can get confused. If you focus your efforts on relevant content your customers will recognize that you’ve got something important to say.

Properly curated content is incredibly effective and influential. In order to catch the audience’s eye, your message must be not only clear but also relevant. Create content to have a purpose that your audience can relate to.

Creating quality, relevant content will position you as an authoritative figure. It will show your brand’s importance and ultimately gives customers a reason to purchase.

What are some ways you keep your content relevant and interactive? Comment below!

Happy Hunting!

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