Email Marketing: The SOAP Sequence

By Tim Burd - February 25, 2019 2799 Views
By Tim Burd - February 25, 2019 2800 Views

Use The SOAP Sequence To Get More Conversions

When it comes to email marketing, we have all of your tips and tricks. From compelling copy to eye-catching photos and subject lines. But what about the goals of each email and the order you’re sending them in? The SOAP method is a sequence of emails to send out for maximum conversions. Check out the details below.

Wondering where this method got its name?


The SOAP Sequence

We are all familiar with Soap Operas. Lots of drama and always ending with a cliffhanger, leaving you with no choice but to watch next weeks episode. This sequence provides a lot of flexibility and allows you to make the series as long or as short as you would like. However, the recommended number of days in the sequence is five days, according to research. The focus of this sequence is to welcome the customer, build trust and create an interest in your brand and product.

Day One

On day one, we’re setting the stage. This is going to be your welcome email. We know how important first impressions are, so make this email count. This is where you introduce your brand and make a connection with the customer. You’re going to want to leave a cliffhanger here. Something like you have a big secret or deal and can’t wait to tell them. Tell them to keep an eye out for your next email for the details.

Day Two

On day two, insert the drama. This is where we are going to start sending this potential customer straight down the funnel. They’re checking back to see what your mysterious offer was that you promised yesterday.

In this email, you’ll want to tell your story to hook the customer. Tell it in a way that is going to keep them reading and then at the end, follow through with your promise. You’re building the suspense and then following through on your promise and giving the customer something of value that they can hold on to.

Day Three

Day three, we are delivering an epiphany. An epiphany is realizing something you haven’t realized before or having that ah-ha moment. This is going to be another part of your business’s story. This is going to tell the reason you sell the products you do or provide the services you do. Let them know what your epiphany was when building your brand. This email is where you really start to build the value of your business.

Day Four

On day four, we are giving the customers all of the benefits. At this point, your reader knows what your product of service is, the value of it and the story of your company. Now, put yourself in their shoes while working up this email. You need to show them why it is in their best interest to purchase your product or service. Build the value and convince them that they can’t go without your product.

Day Five

Finally, send your call to action. At this point, your readers feel a connection with your brand. In this email, you are going to create a sense of urgency that will have them typing in their credit card number. For example, “Sign up for our webinar by 6 PM, seats are limited!” Or, “Here is a coupon code for 20% off of your purchase! Expires at midnight.” This creates a sense of urgency and since they trust you at this point, they’re likely to make the purchase.

What Do You Think?

The SOAP Sequence is proven to be a highly effective method of telling your story and getting people to fall in love with your brand. Quickly funnel your leads into conversion by using this method. Have you used the SOAP Sequence before?


Happy Hunting!

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