Facebook Ad Mistakes To Avoid In 2019

By Tim Burd - December 22, 2018 4298 Views
By Tim Burd - December 22, 2018 4299 Views

Avoid These Facebook Marketing Mistakes In 2019

Now that you know our tips to make 2019 the best year yet, let’s touch base on some things that should be left in 2018. (If you haven’t read our Tips For 2019, check them out here.) These are common mistakes so if you’re making them, don’t fret. We are going to let you know what mistakes to avoid in 2019 and how to fix them.

Avoid these mistakes to make 2019 your best year yet

#1 Having A Broad, Unrefined Audience

This is a common mistake across all marketing platforms. It would be nice to say that everyone is a potential consumer, but you’re paying for your ads to reach a specific audience. Use that money wisely to target a specific group.

If you find your audience is too broad, be sure to utilize your “Detailed Targeting” option as well as the “Narrow Audience” feature. This may take some testing to see what specific groups work best but will give you the biggest bang for your buck for future ads.

#2 Skimping On Your Creative

Your ad copy is extremely important but color and images are going to be what captures someone’s attention. So make sure between your copy and image, you have a main focal point. In addition, use emoji’s to grab attention and include multiple click-through opportunities in your ad. Keep in mind, the more social proof you have, the more success your ad will have. So engage, get those likes, comments, and shares.

#3 Failing To Utilize Your Insights

Data is key. You need to know how many people your page is reaching organically and how many it is reaching through paid advertising. The default columns may not show all of the information that is useful to you. So customize your columns to track that additional information.

#4 Not Considering User Experience Across All Platforms

If someone clicks on your ad from their mobile device and it directs them to a website that is not mobile friendly, they are likely going to close it right then. If people can’t engage correctly or can’t see your ad due to the device they’re using, your ad is not going to be as effective.

#5 Being Impatient

We know that it can feel like you’re losing money if you’re not getting results right away. However, you’re gaining data and insight during this time. Let the ad run and be patient when waiting for those results. You may feel urged to tweak your ad, but be patient and give it time to work its magic.

#6 Not Realizing The Value Of Your Ad Spend

We have all been there, you felt like you did everything right but you didn’t get the response you were wanting. This does not mean your ad failed! You can still get email lists, an opportunity to gain social proof, retarget visitors, recover abandoned carts, etc.

Mistakes are not a bad thing. The best way to grow is to acknowledge and learn from them. Lucky for you, we’ve made the mistakes for you and are going to help you avoid them altogether. What are some Facebook ad mistakes you’ve made and learned from? Comment and let us know!

Happy Hunting!


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