Facebook Cracking Down on Low-Quality Ads

By Tim Burd - October 26, 2018 2066 Views
Learn how to avoid creating low=quality ads.
By Tim Burd - October 26, 2018 2067 Views

Facebook is cracking down on businesses that are producing low-quality ads. As a result, the network is increasing its efforts to limit ads that are produced without quality standards in mind.

Stronger penalties, disapproval of ads, and reduced distribution of ads in Facebook’s auctions are steps being taken along the way to achieve this goal.

Avoiding Low-Quality Ads

Low-quality ads include clickbait ads or directing people to unexpected content. These type of ads create negative experiences for the platform’s users. View the image below for more about Low Quality or Disruptive Content.


Low-quality or disruptive content examples!
Facebook Policies


Attributes to Low-Quality Ads

Engagement Bait: These ads get users to engage with content in specific ways, such as asking for shares, comments, or likes. This is frowned upon by Facebook.

With engagement being a major part of maximizing reach within the News Feed algorithm, it makes sense why advertisers would want to use these tactics. Ultimately, using clickbait is negatively impacting your ads and ad account.

Using these methods misrepresents the data, which offsets the effectiveness of the algorithm system. Facebook frowns upon this and is monitoring ad accounts and business pages more than ever.

Learn The Basics of Facebook’s Algorithm Here

See below for other things to avoid with your advertising.

Withholding Information: Ads that intentionally withhold information to encourage users to engage.

Protip: Give your users an ad that you would enjoy in the News Feed.

Sensationalized language: Ads that demand a reaction from you or use excessive headlines. These ads don’t take users to the destination they were planning on.

The Consequences

Because Facebook’s enforcement on low-quality ads is expanding you can expect the following.

  • Reduced distribution of individual ads in the Facebook Ads auction
  • More disapproval of individual ads
  • Multiple ads flagged for low-quality characteristics will play a role in the performance of all other ads.

More Information on Facebook’s Auctions Here



Facebook is establishing tougher punishment for its users.
Facebook slams the door on low-quality ads.


This crackdown applies to all individuals who are advertising on the platform. Low-quality ads are seen more in ads related to media, entertainment, and topics of national importance. Therefore, these ads may be impacted more.

If you are running Facebook Ads campaigns, the best thing is to be upfront about your intentions. Avoid using sensationalized clickbait and a spammy approach. Low-quality ads will only lead to less reach. Less reach will ultimately lead to higher ad and conversion costs.

Think about your user’s experience when crafting ads. If the ad is not something you would be willing to interact with as a consumer, it’s time to switch your strategy.

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