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Facebook is Making Improvements to Your News Feed

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Facebook recently announced that in the coming months they will be making some changes to users' News Feed. The changes are an attempt in to make it easier to read & navigate the News Feed on both mobile and desktop. The new look will give it a more intimate feel and make it easier to access the tools you need.

Everyone’s News Feed looks different. It is designed to present a unique set of stories based on the users past behaviors. But, with so many different types of media available nowadays within the News Feed; photos, videos, gifs, and links, navigating the News Feed has become much more involved with all the various types of output. In this article we will go over some of the changes Facebook will be making to both the comments and the News Feed, and how they might affect you.

With comments and messages becoming such a major part of how people communicate in Facebook, it only seems fitting that this would be the first place they looked to make improvements.

News Feed Update #1:

News Feed

First, the comments will appear in bubbles as opposed to the previous grid pattern. This change along with the fact that there will now be some contrast between the text and the background should make it much easier to read. They will also now be indenting the replies to the post comments helping users avoid confusing replies with an actual comment on the post. These updates along with the larger Like, Comment and Share buttons are welcomed changes.  They should go a long way to improving the user’s experience, and hopefully engaging more people with our advertisements.

News Feed Update #2:

News Feed

Other changes they will be making are; making it much easier to see what a link is before you click it. They will accomplish this by providing a much larger preview window for the links posted in both the comments and messenger. And, to keep up with recent trends, Facebook will also now have a circle profile photo frame as opposed to the square, which has been around since the platform was launched. And lastly, they will be updating the navigation to make it much easier to get back to your regular News Feed so you can continue consuming the content you enjoy most.

News Feed Update #3:

News Feed

These changes all look amazing! They should really help make it easier for users to both read and navigate through their Facebook News Feed.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about all the new updates. Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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