Facebook Privacy Updates

By Tim Burd - November 6, 2018 1975 Views
By Tim Burd - November 6, 2018 1976 Views

Facebook Privacy Updates

Facebook implemented privacy updates to become more transparent with their users. Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal Facebook has been under scrutiny, therefore updates such as this do not come as a shock. One of the recent changes was announced in Facebook’s newsroom blog earlier this year.

Facebook users want explanations of what information is being collected on the platform and how it is used. Earlier this year Facebook showed an alert to users as they scrolled the News Feed. With this alert, users had the ability to review details about advertising, face recognition, and information they’ve chosen to share in their profile.

Users can now review and update their privacy settings with ease.
Users can now review and update privacy settings much easier.


The Details

The update was originally introduced in the European Union as part of the preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but is now available worldwide! A customized message laid out the details with the following criteria:

  • How Facebook uses data from partners to show more relevant advertising.
  • Political, religious, and relationship information users have chosen to include on their profiles.
  • How Facebook uses face recognition, including for features that help protect your privacy.
  • Updates to Facebook’s term of service and data policy that they announced in April.

Users will be provided a summary of choices they’ve already made. You won’t see information about features you have chosen not to use. The features users have chosen to disable or use are shown on an intro screen.

Review your privacy settings
Users are shown which features they have active or disabled.


Check Your Settings

Wanting to change or view your privacy settings?  You can do so by visiting Settings or Privacy Shortcuts.  This update is just one example of Facebook’s determination to protect the users. 

We believe this change and other privacy updates will be a positive impact for Facebook and advertisers. Why so? As long as Facebook remains focused on a quality user experience we will have a great audience to place our advertisements in front of. That’s something to be excited about!  

Heck Yeah
That’s something to be excited about!


Want to read more about Facebook’s privacy updates? Click HERE to read a little about the Clear History feature Facebook recently released. Changes like these ensure that users remain active on Facebook, which is a very good thing if you are a media buyer!

What do you guys think about the privacy updates?

Oh, and like always…Happy Hunting! 

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