Instant Experience Ads Part Three: Collect User Data

By Tim Burd - October 19, 2018 2129 Views
By Tim Burd - October 19, 2018 2130 Views

We recently touched on Facebook’s Instant Experience feature and how to leverage the feature to improve your marketing efforts. Advertisers now have the option to add a contact form right within your Instant Experience Ad format.

Get Excited!
Get excited! You can collect user’s data through Facebook’s Instant Experience feature.


This feature harnesses the power of a lead ad all within your Facebook Instant Experience. These data collection forms populate the user’s information such as name and email address. All of this data is collected while the users remain on Facebook.

Let’s Get It Started

To get started, open your ad account and select traffic as your objective. Next, you will need to choose your optimization. For this example, we will ultimately be sending traffic to a landing page. Select “Landing Page Views”. 

For this example, we will ultimately drive users to our pixeled landing page.


Almost There…

At the ad level, you will see an option to “Add a Fullscreen Experience.” Click that box and then select the “Get New Customers” template.

Select “Get New Customers”


Build your Canvas the way you normally would. To add a contact form scroll to the bottom of the creation suite. You will see an option to add a contact form, select that!


Add a contact form within your Instant Experience.


Next, you will need to build out your contact form. If you are familiar with lead forms the process is virtually identical. Provide a header and select what information you want to collect from users.

ProTip: Asking custom questions will help qualify your leads and increase lead quality. For example, if you are collecting home buyer leads for a Real Estate agent you could add a custom question such as “When are you looking to purchase a home?” This will likely increase your lead cost but will also increase overall quality.

Add custom questions within your form to increase lead quality.


In the example above, we are collecting users email, full name, and phone number. We also have our custom question within the lead form.

Privacy Policy and Thank You Screen

To launch your ad, you will need to provide a link to your privacy policy. You can allow the user to collect whatever it is they’ve requested or drive them to a specific destination using the website link within the form.

That’s a wrap for this article. Has anyone been using contact forms within Facebook’s Instant Experience feature? If so, comment below and let us know your tips and tricks.

Happy Hunting!

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