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Facebook's Instant Experience: A Mobile Masterpiece

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Instant Experience
Instant Experience

Most of the Facebook traffic today is occurring on mobile phones. With that Facebook has been working hard to create a better mobile ad experience for users and advertisers alike. Facebook's Instant Experience feature is new on the scene. Because of the mobile-friendly experience, this feature should not be overlooked!


Facebook's Instant Experience Ads

Facebook's Instant Experience Ads are a Mobile Masterpiece.


Facebook released a statement stating:

“The website that opens after someone clicks on an ad is often slow to load and not always optimized for mobile, creating a disjointed and frustrating experience for people. And website pages are only growing in file size….”

Facebook wants the best user experience for their customers. They also want users to remain on the platform. These two statements should be enough reason for you to give this new feature a test run.

What is an Instant Experience?

This feature allows advertisers to deliver interactive ads that are completely hosted on the Facebook platform. In Facebook's words, Instant Experience ads are “a full-screen experience built for bringing brands and products to life on mobile.”  

To access this new feature open up your ad account and create a new ad. For this example, we are using Reach as the objective. At the Ad level of your campaign click "Add an Instant Experience".

Instant Experience

Click "Add an Instant Experience" and start crafting your template.


At first, these ads look like a normal news feed ad. When clicked it opens up to cover the entire mobile screen. The ads combine videos, photos, GIFs and CTA buttons. Many describe the experience as a mini website. Users can click, scroll, swipe, and tap to engage with your brand all within the Facebook platform.


Facebook claims tests of this new ad format have been promising. Of all the users that open an Instant Experience ad, 53% view at least half of the ad. The average view time per ad is thirty-one seconds.  You heard right! Thirty-one seconds, pretty good view time if you ask us!

Thirty-one seconds of view time!

Thirty-one seconds of view time!

Ad Examples

Facebook has been testing this ad format for over a half year now. Let’s take a look at a few brands and how they have used this new format successfully.

Coca-Cola Unveils New Bottle

Major brands such as Coca-Cola have used Instant Experience ads to great success. Coca-Cola did so to unveil the release of their new aluminum bottle. The ad showcases pictures of customers drinking from the new bottle. It finished with a time-lapse of a mural dedicated to the new design.

Coke Unveils New BottleCoke Unveils New Bottle

Lowe’s Targets Young Homeowners With Instant Experience Ads

Lowe’s had one goal in mind with their first Instant Experience: connect with young homeowners to show them new upcoming trends in design and how to achieve these trends DIY (do it yourself) style. The ad has some awesome transitions and movements and really pulls the user into the experience.

To see the Coca-Cola, Lowes and other ad examples click HERE

Keep an eye out for our next article where we will cover some tips and tricks to ensure your Instant Experience ads are delivering at the highest level!  

Happy Hunting!   

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