Key Performance Indicator’s: Metrics to Know Part #2

By Tim Burd - October 2, 2018 4044 Views
By Tim Burd - October 2, 2018 4045 Views

Ad Frequency

Online advertisers often focus on click-through rate (CTR) and cost per action (CPA), when monitoring ad performance. What about ad frequency? Getting your frequency dialed in will ensure marketers get the most out of their campaigns!

Defining Frequency

Ad frequency is the average number of times a user sees your ads. It is found by dividing impressions, which is the overall number of times your ad was displayed, by reach, which is the number of unique people who have seen your ad.

Frequency is an Average

Remember that frequency is reported as an average. Some users in your audience may have been reached several times, others may have only been reached once.  

Ad frequency indicates the effectiveness of your current targeting efforts. Users can measure ad frequency in three ways: display ad frequency, ad group frequency, and ad campaign frequency.

No Magic Number

How high or low should my ad frequency be? There is no magic number that can be set for every brand and campaign. Not showing an advertising enough will fail to leave a lasting impression. On the opposite end, should a user see the ad too often, the high-frequency rate will have a negative impact!

Our advice: push your limits and test to see what frequency numbers are getting the best results for your brand.

An ad frequency of one and under indicates that your ads are spread too broadly. Resulting in not reaching your target audience. Ad frequency that reaches above four in the newsfeed often leads to ad blindness. 

Plan It Out

There are several factors to account for when determining an effective frequency level for your business. As you begin to monitor ad frequency keep a few thoughts in mind.

  •    Campaigns need to be measured in terms of total impact
  •    Plan frequency with your market, message, and media factors in mind

ProTip: Running retargeting ads? Allow your frequency to get as high as a ten. In order to do so effectively, we recommend changing your copy and creatives a few times. That way, people will be receiving a different image or ad copy and won’t be bothered with being served the ad numerous times in a short time frame.

Change your copy and creative on retargeting to maximize your ad frequency
Change your copy and creative often on retargeting campaigns!


Do not let ad frequency slip through the cracks. Do you track your ad frequency? What is the sweet spot for your business to achieve success? Let us know your thoughts on the topic!

Happy Hunting!

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