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By Kyle Cavaness - July 13, 2020 1504 Views
welling media branding featured
By Kyle Cavaness - July 13, 2020 1505 Views

AdLeaks partner Welling Media, a video marketing and creative agency for DTC eCommerce, knows how to use branding to help businesses stand out from the crowd.

And while they’re happy to build you some creative assets that will crush in paid and organic campaigns, they’re also a generous bunch. Which means they’ve shared a bit of their branding secret sauce on their blog.

And we’ve got some of that sauce bottled up for you below.

Check out the Featured Snippets from recent Welling Media blogs for tips that you can use to turn your brand into the next big thing. And click the link at the end of each section to read the full post.

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Why You Need to Jump on Selling Content

Most agencies think of content creation as secondary to their core services, like ad buying or social media management.

But expanding your offering to include content development can lead to new opportunities and increased revenue — even if what you put out is, at first, of a lesser quality than you’d like.

Featured Snippet

“Time to dive into how (and why) our team has sold over $4M of content to 50+ brands, and why you need to be jumping in on selling content too.

“This could also be titled “How to Succeed on Facebook in 2020 as an Agency”, because it would be the same write-up…

“Last year we really started honing in on content as we noticed a stream of media buyers flooding the market.

“Whether this is something you know or not, Welling started with our CEO shooting smaller projects on his iPhone.. and as the demand for content grew we slowly started to build a team and obtain better gear.

“Our next step was investing in a warehouse that we essentially converted into a modern studio, geared specifically towards creating content for eComm products.

“We eventually took off, and now Welling employs over a dozen full-time content creators that all specialize in eComm.

“While everyone was going left, we went right.

“With all that being said, what does this mean for you?

“Start pitching content packages to your current clients now, especially if you have leverage with them and are already bringing in results.

“How do you pitch your clients?

“Take the initiative and order their products without them knowing. When the products come in, hire a videographer and a model.. do your thing and make a baller TOF video for them! After getting the video together, shoot them an email with your attachment and sell them on a content package.

“It’s honestly that easy.

“Figure it out as you go.

“You’ll learn, you’re smart!”

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Content For The Algorithm

If you’re relying on paid or organic social posts to boost your branding, it’s important to have a game plan to maximize the effectiveness of your content.

Welling has spent the past few years figuring out what works for their clients, and they’ve got some tips you can use here:

Featured Snippet

“It’s our belief that every brand should be posting 2-4 times per day on organic. Then, using the organic content to fuel paid. You can do this by taking your highest engaged content from organic and bringing it over to the paid side. Regardless of your opinion on the content, if it’s performing well on organic, it will perform well on paid.

“Engagements = algorithm’s #1 metric for rating the quality of content, for both paid and organic.

“A high volume of content also yields a few more benefits…

“1. The ability to break into new audiences within your followers
“Say you have 10k followers and you’re only posting 2-3 times per week.. only 5-10% of your audience is seeing your content. That means that the other 90% probably forgot they even follow you!

“Your engagement rate might fall at first when you start posting at a high volume, but eventually it will start to snowball and your engagement rate will grow as you start to reach more of your audience!

“2. High-frequency posting is a part of Facebook’s ‘best practices’
“This lets them know you’re a quality brand and care about user experience. After posting a volume of organic content you’ll actually see CPM’s drop on the paid side after a sustained period of time.”

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