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AdLeaks News Roundup - May 30, 2022

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may 30 news roundup
may 30 news roundup

It’s time for another AdLeaks News Roundup.

Every social platform you can think of is rolling out new features. All of them. We’ll talk about a few here.

New Meta Features

Meta is continuing to release new features and updates that marketers can use to reach audiences more effectively. The first, which we mentioned last time, is the addition of WhatsApp to your Business Manager.

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The second is the ability to schedule automated messages in Messenger. And the third is the addition of Congressional districts to location targeting — just in time for the midterm elections. Fun!

Snapchat Parental Controls

Snapchat has enabled new parental control features with a function called “Family Centre.”

@adleaks.com Snapchat tanked in stocks, then announced that parents can now stalk their kids… kewl #snapchat #socialmedianews ♬ say - Official Sound Studio

The app will show parents who their kids’ friends are on the platform, and who they have messaged the most in the past seven days. The contents of the messages, however, will still remain private. 

Snapchat is the only platform that doesn’t make a user’s friend list public, so this will give parents more visibility into their kids’ profiles.

TikTok Audience Insights

TikTok has released a new tool that will allow marketers and influencers to learn more about their audience niche.

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This includes behavior, interests, and opinions about specific brands and holidays. 

The tool is in beta and still rolling out to the TikTok user base, but as the information becomes more granular and comprehensive, it will become invaluable for creating more effective TikTok content.

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