AdLeaks TV Episode 24 | LinkedIn Growth, YouTube Ads & More

By Kyle Cavaness - September 18, 2020 1738 Views
adleaks tv episode 24
By Kyle Cavaness - September 18, 2020 1739 Views

Hi there, I’m Luke Kostka, AdLeaks’ director of visual marketing, and welcome to AdLeaks TV Episode 24.

Everything you’ll see here comes from our featured contributors, who learned their lessons from millions and millions of dollars of ad spend. You can take their tips and just shove ‘em right into your own campaigns.

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AdLeaks TV Episode 24 Featured Videos

Our first video this week is full of do’s and don’ts to make the most of your LinkedIn marketing.

Landing Agency Clients on LinkedIn

This post from Jared Warner is the first part of a series on strategies for landing agency clients using cold outreach.

Jared covers the best way to optimize your LinkedIn profile and how to use automation to maximize your impact. Let’s take a look —

“First, you need a proper header image. It should be professional and communicate the core offer or concept that you’re pitching.

“It needs to be simple. The audience needs to be able to understand what it’s about in a glance. It also needs to be clean and straightforward.

“The next thing you need is a clean, professional photo, not just a selfie. That said, you definitely need an image there. You’ll suffer in the connection rate and the reply rate without one.”

Thanks Jared, and we’re looking forward to the rest of your posts.

Our next video comes from Jeromy Sonne, who shared his go-to options for YouTube Ad audience types.

YouTube Ad Audience Types

If you’re new to YouTube or you’re struggling to get conversions, you should check this out. Here’s a clip —

“Go up to the tools and settings and open Shared Library, then Audience Manager, then click into Custom Audiences.

“I’m going to people who search for any of these terms on Google. Let’s say I was selling a coffee press. I might type in French press. And it’s giving me a bunch of suggestions already. I’ll add these, name the audience, and then save the audience. When you go to set up your YouTube campaign, this will appear under your custom audiences.

“This is probably my highest quality audience. I really, really like using this feature. Now I’ll show you my next favorite. I’m in the audience editor for this YouTube campaign. These audiences apply to all Google campaigns, and you can actually use them for search in some cases.

“If you browse, you’ll want to look at in-market audiences again in the coffee press example. Some options are cookware and bakeware, or home appliances, or home furnishings. You can also search, for example, for coffee shop. That’s actually an affinity audience. We’ll get into that in a second. In-market coffee and espresso makers is perfect.

“Some of these might apply, but some might apply less in-market. Audiences are my second favorite audience, as I find that they work extremely well. I run in-market audiences because search audiences’ intent can be limiting. That’s why I usually run in-market audiences.”

That video is just over seven minutes, and you can find it in the “YouTube Ads” section of the AdLeaks knowledge units.

And that takes us to the throwback post of the week! Let’s giddyup.

AdLeaks TV Episode 24: Throwback Post of the Week

Today’s throwback post is from Marty Marion. He explains Positioning and Depositioning for ads, SEO, and other channels and platforms.

Take it away, Marty —

“It all boils down to one basic principle — competitive advantage. We want it, and we don’t want our competitors to have it. We want to win that prize. The new customer. New sale. The new click. The new sign up. And we don’t want our competitors to win it.

“My expertise comes from 35 years as a senior executive and principal for two of the world’s largest ad agencies, and as a strategic and digital marketing consultant for dozens of major brands in every category.

“Marketing success requires more than the logistics and tactics of targeting, tracking analytics, disruptive creatives, or even offers. These are all really important, but they need to be based on a foundational strategy that accomplishes two critical things for you to win.

“First, your marketing, your messages, your ads, everything needs to compel your target in favor of your brand, product, or service. Secondly, and more importantly, they need to compel your targets away from your competitors.

“These aren’t two sides of a coin. These are two components of the same coin, and they happen at the same time. That’s what makes the science of positioning and depositioning work.”

Awesome. Check out that video, and the rest of Marty’s series on this topic, in the “branding and positioning” AdLeaks knowledge unit. Thanks Marty.

Final Thoughts on AdLeaks Episode 24

Well, thanks for watching AdLeaks TV Episode 24!

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I’m Luke Kostka, and thanks again for watching AdLeaks TV Episode 24.

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