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5 Reasons Ad Automation For Agencies Matters

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ad automation for agencies revealbot featured
ad automation for agencies revealbot featured

Facebook ad automation for agencies is the best way to scale your campaigns efficiently and effectively.

Agencies that embrace automation spend less time managing accounts and more time actually managing clients. Eliminating manual tasks allows agencies to onboard new accounts without increasing employee numbers.

The right automated rules can also break the launch-pause-relaunch cycle that is keeping you from maximizing your performance on Facebook Ads.

What is Ad Automation?

Automation rules for ads automatically perform an action when certain conditions are met. Specifically, Facebook automated rules or “ad rules” can be implemented at the campaign, ad set, and ad level to trigger an action based on your preset criteria.

Your automated rules check performance continuously for the conditions you set. Also, they're always running to keep your Facebook Ads on track. (More on that later.)

To use Facebook Automated Rules, you'll need a campaign with at least one ad set and ad. You can create some automated rules in Facebook Ads Manager’s free tool, or use a bespoke tool with advanced functionality like Revealbot.

Here are 5 reasons ad automation for agencies is so important.

1) Remove Human Error from Campaign Management

When you set up an automated rule with specific conditions, the rule takes action or “fires” as soon as those conditions are met.

Not only is this more convenient for agencies with lots of accounts, it vastly reduces the possibility of human error.

Let’s say you have an ad go live at midnight on a Sunday morning. Let's also say that by 4 am that same morning, that ad has spent over $100 with no conversions.

Instead of waiting for the account manager to address the issue on Monday morning, the rule pauses the ad immediately.

Similarly, an automated rule can boost your budget when conversion costs fall below a certain level. And the rule will trigger that increase much more quickly than a person.

Most importantly, the rules always take action. It doesn't matter if you have a handful of ads or hundreds spread out across multiple client accounts.

Whether you’re running your own campaigns or running an agency, automated rules will keep your ads on track at every level.

2) Minimize Wasted Ad Spend

Another benefit of automating your Facebook Ad campaigns, specifically with rules tied to conversions, is that your wasted ad spend will drastically decline.

As we mentioned, your automated rules can turn off underperforming ads or ad sets when they reach a certain spending threshold. More importantly, you can use the money you save to test different audiences or creatives that might perform better.

This is an essential benefit, especially if you’re spending more than $10,000/month on Facebook Ads. With the right rules in place, you’ll make quicker adjustments that will improve your ROAS.

3) Simpler Onboarding for Account Managers

When your agency grows, you’ll need account managers — if you don’t have some already.

Account managers are usually tasked with running ads, tracking and improving campaigns, and connecting with clients. And as you hire, you’ll need to train your AMs on how your agency’s particular systems work.

If ad automation is already integrated into your processes, it will be much easier to get new accounts and new AMs up to speed. Learning to manage rules should be much less work than manually managing campaigns.

And if your new account managers have ad experience they should be familiar with automation rules already, making the process even quicker.

4) Maximize Scaling Opportunities

Integrating Facebook Ads automation can help your agency go beyond daily maintenance to significantly scale your clients’ campaigns.

For example, the right rules setup will automatically scale your best performing ad sets both horizontally and vertically.

By scaling horizontally, you’ll replicate high-converting ads and use them to target different groups of people. And vertical scaling rules increase your budget incrementally over time to drive a higher ROI.

Ready to start scaling now? Check out Revealbot’s advanced Facebook Ads scaling guide for copy-and-paste scaling recipes.

5) Easier to Test Creatives in Bulk

Ad agencies with two clients or 200 are always looking for ways to improve their performance. Constantly testing creative is essential, but can be time-consuming without assistance.

Ad automation for agencies makes it much easier to test dozens of ad creatives in Facebook Ads. With tools like Revealbot's Bulk Creation, advertisers and agencies can set up multiple ads and ad sets in seconds and test them against each other to see which combinations produce the best results.

The data from these tests is also useful for account tracking and client management. If a client wants to know why certain creatives are running more often than others, for example, you can show how each ad set performed during testing to explain your strategy.

Bonus #6) More Time for Customer Service & Troubleshooting

We alluded to this above, but one of the greatest benefits of ad automation for agencies is the gift of time.

Instead of expecting your customer service team and account representatives to manually manage and track campaigns, you can put rules in place that govern most of a given campaign’s technical performance.

These time savings help increase the number of clients your agency can take on without increasing employee numbers. So automation creates more profit for the company — as well as more profitable ad campaigns.

Automation also gives your team the time to be more proactive with client engagement, including looking for new opportunities to optimize and scale. Finally, if something does go wrong, your team will have the capacity to address it immediately because they aren’t wrapped up in day-to-day operations and account management tasks.

Final Thoughts on Ad Automation For Agencies

Facebook’s algorithm was updated in 2020 to prioritize posts from friends and family, making the playing field even more competitive for millions of brands and businesses advertising on the platform.

More than ever, agencies need to manage their budgets efficiently and compete in real-time to generate an effective return on ad spend.

With Facebook ad automation for agencies, you can do all of the above. And with a tool like Revealbot, you can do even more than you thought possible.

Click here to learn more about how Revealbot can help you scale your Facebook Ads.

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