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How to Boost Your Email Revenue from 16% to 47% in 1 Month

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Boost Your Email Revenue
Boost Your Email Revenue

How You Can Drive 5x More Revenue Per Recipient with 3 List Segmentation Ideas You Can Try Yourself

Early this year, we had a client who approached us because of their super low open rates. Plus, their emails were landing in spam—definitely not good for an eCommerce brand!

In less than a month, their open rates increased from 6% to 25%. Revenue from email alone contributed to 47% to total revenue—a huge jump from their 5% before.

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Here's how we got the ball rolling...

First, We Fixed Their List Segments

We started by combining the following insights: engagement and customer behavior.

Aside from segmenting based on engagement with our emails (opened but did not click), we created a segment composed of highly engaged customers.

We defined these customers as anyone who opened a certain number of our emails within the past 30 days or less, depending on the level of engagement we were trying to measure.

Here are 3 segmentation ideas you can try out yourself!

#1 - Segment Based on Customer Interest Groups

This can be their specific product preferences like what they’ve viewed, products they’ve added into their cart, or similar products to what they have bought.

Having this data allows you to get creative with the content you feature in your emails for a particular segment.

#2 - Segment Based on Price Sensitivity!

You can gauge if a group of customers are highly price sensitive if they only buy during a sales period, such as the BFCM discounts blitz — and not before or after.

#3 - Use Historical Data on Your Customer’s Lifetime Value To Your Predictive Advantage?

Combining the two will give you a great head start in segmenting based on your customer’s buying behavior.

By optimizing our customer’s list segments alone, we actually drove 5x in revenue per recipient in just one month!

Segment like your business depends on it -- because it does!

Proper segmentation leads to more open rates, and more chances to boost your email revenue.

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