How to Make Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audiences

By Kendrick - September 1, 2017 7520 Views
Custom Lookalike Audiences
By Kendrick - September 1, 2017 7521 Views

Using Custom and Lookalike Audiences is a great way to narrow down your targeting and get the most out of your dollar.

You’re probably wondering what a Custom Audience is.

A Custom Audience is an audience you can create using four different options:

Customer File: Using this you can upload customer information such as email and phone number to match with their profiles on Facebook and build an audience out of them.

Website Traffic: With the Website Traffic objective you can gather an audience of people who have visited your website in a period of time for example the last 30 days. Facebook uses a pixel installed in your site to track this information.

App Activity: Using this objective you can build an audience out of people who have engaged with your app by rating it, making a purchase on it or downloading it.

Engagement: The Engagement objective allows you to create audiences out of multiple options:


Some of these options include engagement from not just Facebook but Instagram also.

By using one of these objectives to create a Custom Audience you can broadcast your ads to people who have already shown an interest in your product or service. For example you can broadcast an ad to people who viewed 75% or more of your video. This means your ads are only being broadcast to people who viewed 75% or more of your video and have an initial interest in your product/service. The benefit to you is that you are only paying to reach people who have expressed interest.

This is a great tool but Facebook notches it up another level with an even better tool, Lookalike Audiences!

A Lookalike Audience allows you to take your Custom Audience and use it as a source to build another audience of people with similar interests and behaviors as those in your Custom Audience. Simply put, a lookalike audience is an audience that looks like your source audience based on the hundreds of data points Facebook has.

For example here I’ve taken a Custom Audience of 800 people who viewed 75% of my Facebook video (Engagement objective) to make a much larger audience of people with matching interests and behaviors as those 800 people who watched 75% of the video:

You can target multiple countries and then choose the audience size based on the percentage of the total population. 1% is an audience that most closely matches your source audience and 10% is the broadest.

When you create your Lookalike Audience; Facebook will need a few minutes to populate your new audience.


Using a Custom or Lookalike Audience to Create an Ad

Of course there’s no point creating these audiences if you’re not going to use them. Select your new audience from the Custom Audience drop down during your ad creation.

Using Custom and Lookalike Audiences are a great way to define your targeting, broadcast your ads to the relevant people gaining better engagement and increase conversion on your ads.

We hope this article helps you understand Custom and Lookalike Audiences and you now have the knowledge to implement these into your campaigns. Good luck and let me know your feedback in the comments!

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