Little Known Custom Audience Hacks – Knowledge Bomb #8

By Tim Burd - August 23, 2017 8941 Views
By Tim Burd - August 23, 2017 8942 Views

As many of you may know, Facebook offers advertisers an amazing feature called: custom audiences. If used correctly, they can really pay off in your campaigns. If used carelessly, you can quickly burn through your advertising budget and be left wondering, what just happened?

Bye-bye budget!

It really all comes down to perfecting your audiences and pushing the right messaging to the right people. In this article, we will discuss some of the more advanced tactics we use with audiences. These little-known custom audience hacks can drastically increase the quality of your re-targeting and lookalike audiences made from them.



Segmentation is probably one of the most important aspects of Facebook marketing. Setting up your custom audiences before rolling out a campaign can save you a ton of time and money.

Some of the Ways Custom Audiences Can Be Refined:

  • URL: Target users who visited a specific URL, or one that contains certain attributes.
  • Frequency: Filters users by how many times they have visited a particular URL.
  • Device: Allows you to filter by iOS, Android, & Desktop

Custom Audience Hacks Example:

A custom audience of anyone that: “Visited your website site from an iOS device in the last 30 days”, and then refined by “Viewed over 5 pages”. (See Below)

Some of you may be asking: What’s the point? Can’t I can just make a lookalike of all my Page Views and choose iOS targeting?”

You’re absolutely right. But, the source audience will be made up of all of your users, including people with only one-page view etc. If iOS performs well for you, making a custom audience of ONLY iOS users will allow Facebook to generate a much more refined Lookalike Audience.

You can also do this for only Desktop users that purchased at least 4 times in the last 60 days. Or, only Android users that viewed 8 pages within the last 30 days, etc. Another awesome feature is the ability to exclude people from your audience. Say you’re running a campaign on a product; this feature gives you the ability to filter out those who may have recently purchased the same item. The possibilities here are endless, and your imagination is the limit. The ability to customize and refine your audiences in this manner is VERY POWERFUL. If you’re not doing this already, get on it! The custom audiences will typically drop your cost on the lookalikes for the best performing segments by 10-20% or more.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start refining your audiences today and start getting more out of your Facebook Campaigns!

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