Facebook Messenger 2.2

By Tim Burd - October 31, 2018 3285 Views
Facebook Messenger
By Tim Burd - October 31, 2018 3286 Views

The Messenger Platform remains a popular tool for businesses to build connections and provide positive experiences with customers. Due to this, Facebook has been working to improve these interactions. These improvements will make it easier to ultimately generate results.

The social network released Messenger 2.2. As a result, Facebook believes it will help businesses and developers improve the quality of their unique messaging experiences and reach customers in new and engaging ways.

Introducing Customer Chat Plugin

Facebook’s release of the “customer chat plugin” allows users to transition smoothly from a business website to Messenger without losing the conversation’s history and context.


Facebook Chat plugin is taking it to another level!
Facebook’s chat plugin is a slick feature.


Customers have the ability to continue the conversation whenever it is convenient for them. In addition, the customer chat plugin supports many current platform capabilities such as NLP, rich media, payments, and many more.

Facebook Improves Experiences and Page Management

CTA Button: Facebook wanted to make image and video sharing more interactive. To accomplish this, they released a media template that gives businesses the ability to use a CTA button within messenger.


Check out these examples of the use of CTA Buttons!
CTA Button Examples


Businesses can now include user actions like a share button to the video/image to increase engagement. Previously, you could only send media as a standalone item.

Broadcast API: This feature gives businesses with page_messaging_subscribstions the ability to send multiple subscribers a message with a single API request.

Page Level Feedback: Facebook is simplifying how businesses view an individual’s feedback. As a result, they can make proper adjustments to better customer experiences. This is a benefit because businesses that have multiple service providers behind their messages will have all of their feedback in one spot.

Automation in More Languages: In addition to English Facebook’s built-in NPL is now available in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Vietnamese. Date, time, location, amount of money, phone number and email are all entities Facebooks NLP can detect.

Learn More About Facebooks Built-in NPL

Messenger 2.2 New Tags

Facebook has added two additional message tags:

  • Application update- This will notify the message recipient of an update on the status of an application.
  • Pairing update- The pairing update will inform the message recipient that a pairing has been identified based on the recipient’s prior request.

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If you are using the Messenger platform for your business do you think these updates can make major impacts? If so, how do you plan to take advantage of these updates? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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