Free: Software and Tools to Get Your Facebook Ads Rolling

By Tim Burd - October 31, 2018 1718 Views
By Tim Burd - October 31, 2018 1719 Views

Many of us have been there: fresh on the scene eager to learn and execute but broke as a joke. We have compiled a couple of FREE tools that will help make your Facebook advertising much more successful! We know there are many great resources out there so leave a comment if we forgot something.

A Do It All CRM

Running ads and collecting new leads? It’s important to ensure your leads are getting emails or other touching points. Email marketing is a go to because it is easy and very inexpensive.

MailChimp is a great do it all CRM that is free (up to 2000 emails). This platform should not be overlooked. MailChimp boasts great open rates and we would recommend the platform to any business or agency that is starting up.

Mailchimp Is A Free CRM
Not utilizing a CRM? Money is being left behind…


Bonus: MailChimp also allows you to design landing pages (free as well). The editing you can do with the landers is awesome! If you haven’t given them a shot you are missing out….

Looking for a more advanced CRM? Check out Klaviyo, it’s not Free but it is really robust.

Get Your Graphics On

Killer creatives and graphics are huge to successful Facebook campaigns. In order to get awesome results, you need to edit and spice up your creatives. Canva is a great tool that allows you to edit photos and create social media content.

This website gives you access to design tools, templates, and much more. A lot of the times clients will request for social media management. Not editing images sizes accordingly to the platform they are being posted on hinders results.

Canva tells you exactly what size of images are recommended for each platform. They also have templates that allow you to stretch and adjust images accordingly. The software is easy to use and will make your results that much more impressive.

Check out Canva Here

Automation = Time and Headache Relief

Everyone wants to know how they can work smarter. Our next tool will help you accomplish that. Zapier is a tool that allows you to set up tasks that will continuously happen without you moving an inch.

Let’s break it down for those not familiar with Zapier. Let’s say you are running lead ads for a client. You can set up what users call a “Zap” to automate those leads into your CRM. That’s not all you can do! This software has endless possibilities.

Pro Tip: Setup a “Zap” that imports your leads into your CRM along with a “Zap” that imports the leads into a google sheet or excel sheet. When waking up to check for your new leads you will be able to see exactly when they came and have all the campaign data in one place!

Well, that’s all we have for today. What are some of your favorite FREE resources? 

Happy Hunting!



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