The Next Evolution in Custom Audiences – Events

By Tim Burd - August 25, 2017 3026 Views
By Tim Burd - August 25, 2017 3027 Views

The evolution of Facebook Custom Audiences continues with the latest release of Events Targeting. This new addition will give the already robust custom audiences feature an additional boost. This is great news for those of you who are already actively using Facebook Events on your business page. In this article we will go over Facebook Events, the evolution of the feature, and the latest Events Custom Audience options.

Facebook Page Events:

Facebook Events was one of the first features rolled out on the platform back in 2009 and has since evolved into a really powerful tool for marketers. Events allows you to plan ahead and generate interest prior to an event. Additionally, you can show your followers the location, time, address, and even start a conversation/discussion with people who have RSVP’d. Or, those who’ve shown that they’re “interested” in your event.

Until recently, Facebooks targeting with Events has been fairly limited. Previously they only allowed you to target and exclude those who responded to your Event. But, with the most recent update, you’re now able to do so much more!

Facebook Events Custom Audiences:

Figure 1 - Facebook Events Custom Audiences
Figure 1 – Facebook Events Custom Audiences

The New Events Targeting is located in the Engagement Custom Audiences. The Engagement Audiences give advertisers several different ways to target those who engage with their content. With the latest addition being; Events.

Figure 2 - Facebook Events Custom Audiences
Figure 2 – Facebook Events Custom Audiences

With this new option advertisers will be able to choose a custom audience that is made up of users who have responded to an ‘Event’ on their Business Page.

Figure 3 - Facebook Events Custom Audiences
Figure 3 – Facebook Events Custom Audiences

Additionally, your new audience can include users who are Going, Interested, or both. The Audiences can include people from as far back as 365 days ago. However, it is a rolling time frame. So unfortunately, anyone who responded 365 days ago will be included in the Custom Audience today, but will be out by tomorrow.

Your options with the new Events Custom Audience feature are only limited by your imagination. There are so many various ways to use this new feature. With all the options now available, you can make your campaigns as general, or as targeted as you like.

First and foremost, you can also remind people who have already stated they’re ‘Going’ or are ‘Interested’ in an Event that is coming up soon. Second, you can convince those who have stated that they are ‘Interested’ in your event to commit. Third, you can Invite followers who have attended previous events to new ones. Finally, you can promote stories, products, and content related to your Event. Like we’ve said before, there are a ton of options here and the sky is the limit.

Our Final Thoughts on the New Events Custom Audiences:

Adding Event Targeting is a great way for Facebook to reward businesses using its events feature to promote their brand. Facebook events is used in various ways and is not limited to physical events.  You can also create events for; product launches, brand-sponsored campaigns, sales, etc. And now, businesses already using events to build on people’s interest can use that intent to follow up, or, find others with similar interests. This feature will definitely be welcomed with open arms by advertisers. And, we fully expect to see marketers utilize this new option in their campaign strategies in the near future, if they haven’t already started.

Well, that’s all for now. We hope you all find this article useful and highly recommend you check out this amazing new addition. If you do happen to use the Events Custom Audiences in one of your campaigns we would love to hear about your results, just let us know in the comments below!

Thank you and stay tuned for more!

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