New Facebook Group Feature: Mentorship

By Tim Burd - November 2, 2018 4648 Views
By Tim Burd - November 2, 2018 4649 Views

Facebook is allowing its 200 million users the ability to access mentors. Recently the social network announced its official launch of Mentorship. This service connects individuals seeking guidance with those who can provide it.

Facebook Introduces Mentorship
Facebook is now connecting users with mentors!

The Details

This feature allows admins of Facebook groups to introduce programs that will pair up mentors with mentees. Individuals will go through a step-by-step digital guide to get to know each other. They can share/comment on a post within the guide or communicate through Messenger. 

The Mentorship feature is already being applied to benefit users of Facebook. Mentorship has helped transform a women’s love of soap making from a hobby to a business opportunity. This feature allows users access to support while building relationships along the way to achieving their goals.

Mentorship is available to people within select groups focused on professional, personal development and parenting. As of now, there is no element of payment involved.

How it Works:

  1. Group admins create a mentorship program: Admins can choose from a variety of template programs, such as skill development, career advancement, or encouragement and support. They then select the one that best fits their community’s needs.
  2. People sign up and are matched with their mentor/ mentee: Group members can sign up to be a mentor or a mentee, then the group admin will pair users together.
  3. Pairs are introduced: Pairs can get to know each other and work through program steps in their one-on-one mentorship program on Facebook. They can share and comment on posts or communicate through Messenger.
  4. Mentors and mentees get step-by-step guidance: The pairs progress through a guided program that encourages them to check in with each other weekly.

Facebook introduces this feature with privacy and safety as a top priority. To avoid abuse of the tool both mentors and mentees must be above the age of 18. Users can also block or report anyone that may be out of line. 

Your Thoughts?

Do you think this Mentorship will eventually transition to a paid service? We would love to hear your thoughts, comment below!

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