Stuck On Copywriting And Creative Ideas? Use These Tips

By Tim Burd - June 30, 2019 3040 Views
By Tim Burd - June 30, 2019 3041 Views

These Tips Will Help You Get Out Of Your Copywriting Rut

It can be easy to get writer’s block when you’re curating some captivating content or writing copy for your ads and/or website. Whether you’re experiencing a creative slowdown or just can’t seem to put the pen to paper. When you get stuck, what helps you? Walking away for 15 minutes, reading something completely unrelated, reaching out to others for help? These copywriting ideas will help you to get back in the game and to keep writing that amazing copy that we know you’re capable of.

Writer’s block can be discouraging.


Start A Spreadsheet

For the first step, you’re going to open up a spreadsheet. On this spreadsheet, you’re going to make six separate columns.

  1. Features: Features of what you are promoting in your writing.
  2. Results: These are the results that your target audience can get.
  3. Opportunities: These opportunities will come from the results.
  4. Problems Solved: What problems are you solving with your solution?
  5. Emotional Benefits: This is how your readers will feel.
  6. Urgency/Deadlines: This is why they need it now and how fast they’ll get results.

Start Listing

In this next step, you’re going to start making lists under each column. List as many things as you possibly can, the more the better. You and your team should read through each of the topics and brainstorm as many different keywords, phrases, and sentences that fit into that category.

Break Out The Highlighter

Highlight the cells that you feel are the most important in each category. You can highlight more than one cell per category. Highlighting the most important will help you to get down the bottom of why you’re writing this piece in the first place. It takes you back to your why and will help you get over the top of the hill so you can cruise down and get writing freely again.

Mix And Match

In this step, you are going to mix and match your highlighted words to create different sentences and headlines. You aren’t going to use these word for word, you’ll need to use some creativity here. Without knowing it, you’re putting yourself in your reader’s shoes and including words and phrases that truly capture what is important to your readers. It tells why they’re reading it, what they’re getting out of it, and the urgency of it.


This method allows you to dial in what’s most important to your target readers and helps you organize it in a way that’s easy to write headlines from. You’ll be able to discover unique value propositions and headlines that stand out to your target audience. Have you tried this method? Comment on our post and let us know what copywriting ideas work for you.


Happy Hunting!

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