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Facebook's Pin Drop: Rule Your Area

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Facebook's pin drop
Facebook's pin drop

Introducing Facebook's Pin Drop

Have you ever wanted to target a specific location while running ads? With a bit of creativity, you can target specific locations using Facebook's pin drop. A pin drop is a location targeting option. It allows you to narrow your targeting to a specific building, address, or even street corner.

Rule Your Area

If you are a local business owner or run ads for local business grab your popcorn and pull up a set. A pin drop allows you to deliver your ads to people in your target area. This is a game changer! See below for a few examples that would benefit from location targeting.

  • Local businesses that rely on walk-in traffic
  • Pet Sitters
  • Outdoor maintenance companies
  • Sporting or other big events

Focus In

Combining pin drops for "INCLUDED" locations with "EXCLUDED" locations is how you get Facebook's location targeting very focused on one place.

Facebook's pin power

Dial in your location targeting by using "Include" and "Exclude" pin drops.


Let's say you are wanting to target business owners in your city. You are getting poor results with your interest targeting. Let's face it, your interest targeting includes individuals that may not be able to afford your services. Luckily, we have a solution!

Drop a pin on a location that business owners would frequent such as golf courses or a local Chamber of Commerce. Dropping one pin is not enough!

You need to pin drop "EXCLUDED" areas around the perimeter of your location. This creates a barrier of excluded audiences around your location ensuring your ads get delivered to only people that are in your perimeter.

Facebook's pin power

Dial in your location targeting to run your ads within a very specific perimeter.


This method works well to target people at convention centers where people frequently attend the following:

???? Golf shows
???? HR conferences
???? Wedding shows
???? Art shows
???? Leadership/Executive conferences
???? Outdoor shows
???? MLMs
???? Dog shows
????On and On...

Search for the niche you are working in. Then find out where there is a convention going on, drop some pins around the building and capture people at these conventions for your audience!

One Last Protip

We only share these protips with our premium members, we appreciate you! Use a video as your creative for your location targeting. Run an advertisement leading up to your event (for two weeks or more). This will give you a solid amount of video views.

Next, create a custom audience based on three-second video views. Finally, create a lookalike audience from your video view custom audience. You now have a large audience of prospects that you can target for future events.

Refresh your memory on Lookalike and Custom Audiences by clicking here.

You are now ready to leverage the power of Facebook's pin drop! Start getting creative and have fun.

Happy Hunting 🙂

We would like to thank our Adleaks member Alex Stiehl for being the inspiration for this article. Alex is a very active member within the AdLeaks community.

Want to watch and learn? See below to watch the full demo video from Alex!

Watch Alex's Demo Video Here 



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