Workplace By Facebook: Part 2

By Tim Burd - December 14, 2018 2644 Views
Get the detailed information on the features of Workplace.
By Tim Burd - December 14, 2018 2645 Views

What You Get with Workplace

In part 1 of Workplace by Facebook, we covered the basics. What the service offered and how to get your business starting using Workplace. In this article, I am going to go more into detail about the features the service has to offer. So if you have not checked out part one I recommend taking a peak.

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Learn how these features will benefit your business.
Make communication between your team easier than ever. Take advantage of all the features Workplace has to offer.



Groups are the best way to organize your business communications within Workplace. You will have control over which team members can create groups, as well as set permissions for access. Groups can be public or private and team members can post, comment and share within the group just like Facebook.


Private and public groups allow you to send messages off all kinds to the correct people.
Groups keep the entire team on the same page!


Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat gives your team members the capability to communicate directly with on and another. Chat lets your team send messages, files, images, videos, audio clips, and much more to anyone in the company. Therefore, chat is an excellent way to communicate on group projects.


Workplace chat is a perfect fit for communicating during a group project.
Team members can share important content directly to one and another.


Live Video

Live Video lets you broadcast live messages to individuals, specific groups or across all of Workplace. Team members can engage directly with the video presenter. This is great for announcements about the business or important updates.


Live Video can be more powerful than you think!
Live video is also good for culture. It’s more immediate, direct and personal than typical styles of communication.



Events make scheduling a piece of cake, as well as allows you to easily track participation and engagement.

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Org Chart

Org Chart makes it easy for your team members to connect professionally within Workplace. Giving your team a visual breakdown of every team member and their role in the business. As a result, a connection can be made easily while your team members have the ability to reach out to anyone on the Org Chart.

Auto Translation

Each team member has the ability to translate posts in their newsfeed into their native language. Because of this Workplace is a perfect fit for businesses that communicate with individuals around the world.

What is your thought on Facebook’s Workplace? Do you guys utilize the feature or stick to another project management software? Comment with your feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for reading, as always Happy Hunting 🙂



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