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AdLeaks TV Episode 23 | Creative Copy, Shopify Updates + More

Kyle Cavaness
adleaks tv episode 23 featured
adleaks tv episode 23 featured

What’s up gang, I’m Luke Kostka, director of visual marketing at AdLeaks. This is AdLeaks TV Episode 23.

If you haven’t seen AdLeaks TV before, we’re sharing the most useful and interesting posts from the AdLeaks community from August 12 to August 18.

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AdLeaks TV Episode 23: What’s New Now

Thanks Luke.

What’s new this week is a big change in Shopify’s Development system.

Shopify is removing the ability to have a live development store.

Also, development stores will no longer be able to go live as info-style sites without a paid plan.

They are also removing theme-based password pages moving forward.

This is big news for a lot of eComm vendors, especially if you create info sites in your Shopify development partner account.

Thanks to Damien Defranco for this post, and if you want to see the whole discussion on this topic, stop by the AdLeaks Platinum Facebook page.

AdLeaks TV Episode 23 Featured Videos

For our first video today, we’re going to pull back the curtain on one of the perks of AdLeaks membership.

Lower Retargeting Campaign Costs

Our featured video this week comes from Maor Benaim, who’s shared a bunch of tips that you can use to lower your retargeting campaign costs. Take it away, Maor --

“You’ll need to do one of two things. Either launch a different landing page or domain link for each platform. That's a bit more work for you. But if you consider yourself a true marketer, you need to A/B test each platform.

“The second option would be just tagging and segmenting that traffic. That's what they want you to do anyway, regardless of whether you open up a different landing page or domain -- it just changes the way you do it. Opening a different URL is overkill for this problem because some traffic won't be tagged. It doesn't matter what you do.

“This is basically the best solution because it covers everything. The only way a person enters that landing page or website would be through a campaign that is already tagging this traffic.

“What you want to do is tag the traffic that's coming through UTMs. Make sure you have the right traffic source tagged. If you're tagging Facebook traffic, you want “source=FB,” or “source=Facebook.” As long as it's in the UTM, you're good.

“Not all traffic is going to be tagged with UTM parameters, but you're going to cover a lot of it. The only way to really track all the traffic would be to use completely different domains.

“After making sure all traffic goes through UTM parameters, you can start building audiences inside the platforms. You're going to go inside Google and Facebook audience pages and the audience library in Google and start adding segments of users, according to the URL.”

Great stuff, thanks Maor.

We’ve got one post left to share. Are you ready? I’m ready. Let’s do it.

AdLeaks TV Episode 23 Throwback Post of the Week

Today, our throwback post of the week comes from AdLeaks’ own Justin Brenner.

A while back, Justin shared a handy flowchart full of creative angles for writing copy.

Wanna take a look? Here it is --

adleaks tv episode 23 creative angles copy writing

Thanks for sharing Justin.

Wrapping Up AdLeaks TV Episode 23

And that’s it for AdLeaks TV Episode 23! Thanks for watching.

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Before we go, one last thanks to this week’s contributors and the AdLeaks community. We couldn’t do this without you.

I’m Luke Kostka, and thanks again for watching AdLeaks TV Episode 23.

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