AdLeaks TV Episode 25 | IG Stories, LinkedIn Tips & More

By Kyle Cavaness - September 25, 2020 1810 Views
adleaks tv episode 25
By Kyle Cavaness - September 25, 2020 1811 Views

Hi folks, I’m Luke Kostka, AdLeaks’ director of visual marketing and host of AdLeaks TV. Welcome to Episode 25.

We’ve got some essential AdLeaks posts for you from the week that was to help you build a bigger, better, and more badass business.

The featured posts you’ll see today come from ad buyers and marketers like you. They’ve been nice enough to let us share their knowledge so you can run better ad campaigns.

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AdLeaks TV Episode 25 Featured Videos

Our first video this week is actually our second video.

(Wait, that doesn’t make sense.)

Our first video this week is the second video in a series from Jared Warner.

LinkedIn Automation & Software Recommendations

Last week, Jared shared a great post on LinkedIn Marketing, and this week he’s continuing with automation and software recommendations to take your LinkedIn campaigns to the next level.

Here’s a sneak peek —

“Let’s talk about messaging and how to reach out. In this one, we’ve processed 15 percent of this list, or just over 2,400 people. Our connection rate with insurance brokers is 31%. That’s decent. You want at least 30 percent. Ideally, we want to get this up to about 40 percent or higher.

“This response rate is 11%, and we’ve seen as high as 20-30% in this category. If you get up there, then you’re doing really, really good.

Messaging Sequence

“Let’s take a look at the messaging that’s set up on this one. ‘Hello, I’m looking to expand my network with people in and around the insurance space. If you’re interested in talking about our life insurance program, let me know. But no sales pitch is coming.’

“In this account, we’ve had people reply to this account and say hey, thanks for not pitching me right away, I am interested in hearing about it. You know, tell me more, how much does it cost, how does it work, etc.

“Those things trigger a phone conversation, which leads to a client. The next thing is to have the domain name here. This triggers a booking appointment.

“We follow up with Happy to Be Connected. This comes out one hour after they connect if there’s no reply. ‘Happy to be connected. How are you holding up with everything going on?’ This has been a really good reply that just triggers a conversation. A lot of people aren’t going to want to have conversations. If you trigger conversations, get people to engage, they’ll say thank you so much for asking.”

Thanks Jared. Great stuff.

Finding and Removing Duplicate Google Analytics Transactions

Our next video comes from Dennard A Crawford Jr., who has a quick fix for finding and removing duplicate transactions in Google Analytics.

Let’s take a look —

“We want clean data, so you go to Google’s customer reports. From customer reports, you press new custom report. Name it whatever you want to name it. In the first one start with transactions, then transaction I.D. Change it to whatever view you want. This makes sure you don’t have any filters or whatever else in those views.

“Now what you can do is change the date ranges to look at it from a certain time period. I have it for this whole year. As you can see, no transactions yet for this person. But I want to do is make the group transaction greater than one. Now you see, I have one transaction in here, so it’s not really that big a deal because it’s only one person.

“I’m in a demo account, so it’s not really that crazy. You just want to check it to make sure that your numbers go by, that it’s clean and it’s reliable for your backend system.”

Thanks Dennard. We’re all for deleting duplicates.

Next up is a new post from my man Gil David, who’s got a feature update for Instagram Stories.

Boost Organic Instagram Story Posts

Gil has the scoop on a new option for boosting organic story posts more effectively. Take it away, Gil —

“At the moment, we’re using this middle of funnel ad. If you select Instagram, you see the two options, Feed and Stories. So we select Stories here. You can see someone migrate out, and it doesn’t always tell you the reason why.

“These could have GIFs, share a place, and other information too.

“The pages post and then you can select it that way. Click continue and boost it really easily.”

Thanks Gil. Organic boosts can be really effective for social media — and they’re delicious in fruit smoothies too.

Anyway, it’s just about closing time here at AdLeaks TV.

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Especially after the throwback post of the week.

AdLeaks TV Episode 25: Throwback Post of the Week

Today’s throwback post is from Mr. AdLeaks himself, Tim Burd.

We have Tim’s famous Sneak Attack Method for Facebook Ads for you today. This is a great tool for any ad buyers’ toolbox. Check it out —

“Step one, create a new campaign. Set it to optimize for conversions. And you can enable campaign budget optimization if you want.

“Step two, create five ad sets minimum. You can create more — again, that’s the minimum. And you want a good mix of stuff — some lookalikes, some interest targeting, some broad ad sets (meaning just age and gender) that are wide open. Try a bunch of stuff. Again, five minimum.

“Step three, set a manual bid. Set it on the lowest cost with a bid cap. Whatever your cost per sale is, you’re gonna bid half that.

“Do you know my Bully Method? Usually, I tell you to bed three to five times higher. But this is a different method here. With this, let’s say the cost per sale on your ad account is usually $40. You’ll start by bidding $20.”

Thanks Tim. The Sneak Attack Method can lower your CPAs by an average of 30%, so if you’re running Facebook Ads you should definitely watch that whole video.

The End of AdLeaks TV Episode 25

Alright! Thanks for watching AdLeaks TV Episode 25.

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Thanks as always to our contributors and the AdLeaks community.

I’m Luke Kostka, and I’ll see you next time on AdLeaks TV.

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