Facebook’s Regulations On Treatment Centers And Bail Bonds

By Tim Burd - May 13, 2019 2186 Views
By Tim Burd - May 13, 2019 2187 Views

Updates To Facebook Regulations

As we know, Facebook is always adjusting regulations in order to protect its users. Advertising restrictions for alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers have been implemented. Facebook stated, “People facing addiction or who have loved ones in need should be able to find support without encountering scams or predatory behavior.”

Addiction Treatment Centers

The increase of drug and alcohol abuse has brought on the demand for more treatment centers. Unfortunately, many of these new treatment programs fail to meet basic quality standards. Facebook has partnered with LegitScript, a third-party certification service, to prevent scam artists from marketing on Facebook.

As a result, addiction treatment centers that want to advertise in the US on Facebook will be required to take extra steps. First, you will be required certification from LegitScript where they will review the treatment centers background and other qualifications. 

Once qualified by LegitScript, treatment centers will have to go through Facebook’s approval process. To view Facebook’s application click below. 

View Facebook’s Application

Bail Bonds No More

Facebook also announced that they will no longer allow bail bond services to run advertisements on the platform.

Facebook Bans Bail Bond Advertisments


This update is similar to Facebook’s ban on ads promoting short-term loans. The decision comes after Facebook consulted with many criminal justice organizations.

We’re committed to making Facebook a place where people can find resources they need, and we’ll continue to review our policies in an effort to limit bad actors.” This quote sums up the reasoning for Facebook creating these regulations.

To view the entire statement from Facebook, Click Here.

Stay In The Loop

In conclusion, being successful with your advertising requires one to constantly be learning and adapting. When was the last time you reviewed Facebook’s advertising policies? If it’s been a bit, get on it! Read them HERE.

So, stay tuned for more need to know updates regarding Facebook advertising.  I’m sure more changes will be coming!

Until then, Happy Hunting!




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