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By Tim Burd - December 6, 2018 4031 Views
By Tim Burd - December 6, 2018 4032 Views

Use Your Facebook Page Effectively 

Your Facebook Page is a powerful platform for you to connect with customers. You are able to promote products or offers and drive business results. It’s important to make sure your content is attractive and that you post frequently. Think of your page as your home or vacation getaway. You want your customers to enjoy their time spent on your page.


These simple tips will help you get the most out of your business page.
It’s important to create relevant content and post frequently.


With that said, it can be challenging to know what to post. Here are some tips to get the most productivity out of your business page.

Use Visuals

Visual content helps capture attention and engage audiences. It is important to include a visual element in your posts such as a photo or video to connect with your customers.

When it comes to photos simplicity is key. With video, it’s important to capture attention in the first few seconds and deliver your message quickly. The majority of people will see your content on their mobile device, so it is a good idea to cater to the mobile audience.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are a creative way to engage with your audience every day. According to Facebook people are now sharing more than one billion stories across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp Status every day. Use stories to connect with your audience in a casual, and authentic way.

Learn more about Facebook Stories here

Include (CTA’s) 

Start by establishing the goals of your business. Determine if you want to build awareness, increase sales, or get people to attend an event. Cater your posts and messages to encourage users to take action towards your goal. Creating a post with call-to-actions allows users to easily engage in what you’re offering.

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Create content with CTA while keeping your business the top priority.
Above is a great example of a Call-to-action. Try using attractive words like “free” or “exclusive”


Use Page Insights

Page Insights give you information such as which posts are getting the most reactions, comments, and shares. As a result, you can cater your posting strategy to maximize engagement. This ensures your posts are relevant and interesting to the people you’re trying to reach.


Take advantage of Page Insight for your business.
Make sure you are seeing what posts are getting the best engagement.


As you continue to use Facebook for your business keep in mind that what you are posting can have major effects. Relevancy and creativity with a combination of good targeting strategies will lead to results.

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