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How to Score with 
Facebook Awareness Campaigns

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facebook awareness campaigns
facebook awareness campaigns

We’re often asked whether or not Facebook awareness campaigns are worth the time, money, and effort.

Our answer to this question is quite simple -- if done well and with a defined purpose, they can help you rock the world and step up your Facebook marketing game.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…

First, we need to get to the bottom of what they are and identify best practices for making them a successful part of your marketing and advertising effort.

Facebook Awareness Objective Defined

The brand awareness objective is all about sharing ads with your targeted audience and connecting with them on a deeper level.

It’s about standing out and inspiring people to remember who you are, what you’re about, and how you can help transform their lives or businesses.

Custom Audiences for Brand Awareness Campaigns

And, there’s more to the equation...

Facebook awareness campaigns can help you build custom audiences aggressively and fast. When done correctly, they can quickly lead consumers to your Facebook marketing funnel without the pressure of having to buy anything.

The focus isn’t scoring a conversion but inviting the consumer to learn more about your brand, engage with your Facebook page, and/or visit your website for more info. While all of this is happening, you’re able to gather valuable data and grow your custom audiences with ease.

Why Custom Audiences Are Important

Custom audiences are targeted groups of consumers that are more likely to invest in your products and/or services.

In the context of awareness campaigns, you will first pique a consumer’s interest from an awareness perspective and then retarget them with direct offers they can’t refuse.

For example, say you set up a Facebook awareness campaign featuring a powerful video. Your video reveals the ins and outs of your product, includes powerful testimonials, and other key details.

You could create a custom audience based on the consumers who watched your video, clicked on your post, made a comment, and/or clicked through to your Website. You then retarget them with powerful offers.

How to Create a Successful Brand Awareness Campaign

It all begins by assessing who you want to reach and how large you want your potential audience to be. You want your campaign reach size to be just right -- not too small and not too large. We recommend shooting for between 500k and 1 million people to start.

Creating Targeted Audiences

The best practice is to find the perfect mix of interests and audience exclusions to set. This way you can ideally reach those who will both have a deep interest in your products and be able to afford them.

Think Memorable & Powerful

Once you’ve got your audience dialed in, it’s time to think about messaging and tact. It’s important to remind yourself that the goal of an awareness campaign is not to score a conversion in the here and now. It’s to leave a lasting impression and ask for a sale down the road.

For example, Under Armour’s “Rule Yourself” campaign with Michael Phelps as an example. The company used a powerful video in their awareness campaign. There wasn’t a single product shot in the video, just a poignant mix of words and images.

AdWeek polled viewers of the video and they reported feeling the following positive emotions:

facebook awareness campaigns

The campaign did exactly what was desired -- it resonated emotionally with the company’s target audience and the rest was history.

As you build out your awareness campaigns, think about the emotions and reactions you want to evoke and be smart about your execution strategy. Once you’ve got it figured out, you can find the right mix of ad-types you need to utilize.

Consider Adding Facebook Canvas Ads to the Mix

Facebook Canvas ads are full screen, immersive ads that tend to capture attention. They are ideal for awareness campaigns, as you can create a customized experience that leaves a powerful impression.

facebook awareness campaigns

Image Source: Facebook

TechCrunch reports that users tend to spend an average of 31 seconds on canvas ads. Additionally, an impressive 53% of users view at least half of the ad.

This translates to an invested audience who wants to interact and learn more. Once they’ve interacted with the ad content you’ve created, they’re much more likely to feel connected to your brand. And they quickly become a part of your custom audience base.

Should You Touch Right Rail Ads with a 10-Foot Pole for Awareness Campaigns?

There has been a lot of discussion on right rail ads for quite some time. Right rail ads are smaller and much less expensive than other ad options.

We don’t recommend using right rail ads for conversion-driven ads, but they can be useful and cost-effective in brand awareness campaigns. The key is to use impactful imagery and a compelling headline. All you need is for your target audience to click and your custom audience and basic awareness objectives are on track.

Last Words…

The secret to your success is to craft a plan that looks at things from several angles. You’ve got to know your ultimate objective.

If your endgame is to increase revenue, you’ve got to sculpt a plan that focuses on the perfect mix of audience building, brand awareness, retargeting, and deal closing. You’ve got to think out of the box and not just assume winging it with a few basic ads is going to do it.

Maintaining successful Facebook campaigns takes constant innovation and creative tactics for connecting (and reconnecting) with your target market.

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