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New Custom Audience Options: Dwell Time and Link Sharing

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Custom Audience
Custom Audience

Facebook is at it again! And this time, they have released two new engagement custom audience options that we think you’ll be really excited about. Although these updates are still in the beta testing stages and were only released to a select number of advertisers, we figured we would break down the two new options so when they do roll out, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Custom Audience

Image Credit: Matt Navarra

Image Credit: Matt Navarra

New Custom Audience #1 - Dwell Time

Basically, this custom audience is based on how much time a particular user has spent viewing your ads but did not take an action. The dwell time is tracked on both Instagram and Facebook so this is great news for those of us advertising on both platforms. Having the ability to create audiences based on individual advertisements can be really useful when creating re-targeting audiences.

For Example: Let’s say someone has viewed your blog post ad but never took an action. By using the Dwell Time Custom Audience you would be able to target the person that viewed your blog post ad with additional information about your business, or the topic of your blog. Or a special offer related to the initial advertisement.

Simply put, utilizing this audience type will allow you to further refine your future campaigns by targeting people who have already shown interest in your advertisement but didn’t go as far as to actually take an action.

The re-targeting possibilities are endless with this new feature, and we cannot wait to get our hands on it.

Image Credit: Matt Navarra

Image Credit: Matt Navarra

New Custom Audience #2 -Link sharing

If you thought Dwell Time was cool, you’re going to LOVE the new link sharing option. When creating a Custom Engagement Audience using Link Sharing you will be able to identify and re-engage people who have interacted with your advertisement. Specifically, if someone viewed your ad and then shared your content on their news feed.

In general, when someone is persuaded to share your content with their family and friends on their personal news feed, you can be pretty sure that there is some level of interest and trust in your product or service. And as an advertiser, those are exactly the individuals we want to put more ads in front of. That’s why this new Link Sharing option is so awesome.

For example: Let’s say you’re running a campaign for conversions and for whatever reason it flops. But, the advertisement happens to receive a ton of shares. Well, now you can re-target those individuals who took the time to share the post with a special offer.


While both of these options are still yet to be released and there has been no official announcement from Facebook, the fact of the matter is, this move represents even more effort being put forth by the company to provide us with additional options to reach users. And furthermore, get our advertisements in front of the right customers.

Custom Audience

Well, that’s all for now folks. Please let us know in the comments if you have these options available to you. We would love to hear about how you’re using them!

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