Preparing For The Holiday Season

By Tim Burd - August 10, 2019 2067 Views
By Tim Burd - August 10, 2019 2068 Views

It’s Never Too Early To Prepare For The Holiday Season

Although it is still summer, there is no better time to start preparing for the holiday season. Kids are going back to school and people are starting to ditch their live-in-the-moment summer attitude and are thinking about the upcoming months. As an advertiser, now is the perfect time to start getting ready for the holidays and get your strategies in order. Here are our four tips to be prepared for the holiday season.

Create a Frictionless Shopping Experience

The shopping experience should be smooth sailing for your customers. It should require minimal effort on their behalf and should easily flow them to checkout. As we near 2020, companies are going to be largely switching their focus to the customer experience. Creating a positive experience for your customers will increase your sales and that is the ultimate goal.

Utilize your Summer Browsers

Use your current summer or back-to-school campaigns to grow audiences. Then, you can create look-alike audiences for your holiday campaigns. Remind people of the products they’ve seen on your website or mobile app. Use Dynamic Creative to easily find out which creative works best for your audience.

Meaning, retarget those who browsed or purchased your products over the summer. This is a great time to build your lists and grow your audience. Then, around the holidays, you can re-target those people who already know your brand. This is low-hanging fruit and should lead to an easy sale.

Utilize Signals

Signals show you how customers are engaging with your brand across multiple platforms and in-store. It is crucial that you are using Facebook Pixel. In addition, set up an SDK integration for ultimate tracking. SDK allows mobile app developers to integrate an app with Facebook seamlessly. This way, you can see how visitors interact with your app, your website, and your campaigns in one place. From there, you can use the insights to build custom audiences and create more powerful ad campaigns.

Use your Resources

Since your part of the AdLeaks crew, you automatically have amazing resources at your fingertips. If you have a question, no matter how basic or advanced, there are people who are ready and happy to help. So, be sure to check out our Facebook group and all of our other articles on our website. If you are looking for more personalized, one-on-one help, click here.


Happy Hunting!

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