Selling A Service: 5 Tips To Boost Sales

By Tim Burd - July 30, 2019 2965 Views
By Tim Burd - July 30, 2019 2966 Views

Selling the Invisible: 5 Tips for Selling a Service

Most people would agree that it is easier to sell a tangible item than something that people cannot see. If you can’t physically see the features of a product, how do you know it’s a good fit for you? But how do you sell services? Here are our five tips for selling a service.

You’re providing a great service. Let’s sell it!

Describe the Benefits

If you don’t break down the benefits, they have no reason to purchase the service. They need to know how it is going to make their life, business, or themselves better. Maybe your company helps people drive more traffic and improve SEO. That is your selling point. You need to tell them how it would benefit their company by letting you improve their SEO. Without knowing the benefits, why should they purchase your service?

Describe Outcomes

People want to know what they’re going to get and they want the specifics. You may not be able to tell a client exactly what the numbers will be since each business and niche vary. However, you can give them results from previous/current clients and give them a ballpark of what they can expect. Revenue, profit margins, conversion rates, traffic, etc. are all examples of outcomes. The more specific you’re able to be, the more likely you are to close the deal. Keeping it high-level and vague may lose the interest of the potential client.

Value, Value, Value

A lot of businesses may higher you simply due to the fact that they do not have enough time. You know that you’ll do a better job than them, you’ll save them money, and you’ll save them time. This is a huge added value for businesses. Hiring good talent is hard and showing businesses the value of hiring an agency or a contractor will excite them. If you can show the value of your service in the sales process, you are more likely to seal the deal.


More efficient, cheaper, quicker results, better. These are all reasons someone would hire you over your competition. We know that the service industry is a competitive, concentrated market. Anchoring is a psychological sales tactic. It has shown that people tend to make all of their purchase decisions based off of the first offer they’re given. Don’t lose hope if they saw your competitor’s pricing first. Studies have also shown that when a higher-priced item is next to a cheaper item, people tend to go with the higher price because they subconsciously assume it has more value. This takes us right into our final tip.


In other words, don’t lower your prices just to get more sales than your competition. Keep your prices or have different pricing tiers that have more value. For some businesses, it may work to offer the same value and just drop the price a little bit from your competitor. But, keep in mind that you can leverage higher pricing to your advantage. “Yes, you will notice that COMPETITOR charges a little bit less than we do but we will also include XYZ and get you these results.” People will pay a premium amount for a valuable service.

In Conclusion

Selling a service may be trickier than selling a tangible item but it’s not impossible. Providing the benefits, showing the value, perfecting your pricing, and showing the outcomes will increase your chances of closing the deal. What are your sales tactics for selling a service? Comment on the post and let us know!


Happy Hunting!

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