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AdLeaks TV Episode 21 | Optimize Ad Accounts & Product Feeds

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adleaks tv episode 21
adleaks tv episode 21

Hello, I’m Luke Kostka, director of visual marketing at AdLeaks.

Welcome to AdLeaks TV Episode 21. We’ve got another fantastic batch of AdLeaks posts for you from July 29 to August 4.

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Let’s look at a couple of featured videos from this week.

AdLeaks TV Episode 21 Featured Videos

Our first video is from Vincent Beima.

Dynamic Product Feed Labeling

Vincent breaks down how to use dynamic product feed labeling for more effective Google shopping accounts.

In this 7-minute video, Vincent explains how you can use these labels to create product performance rules based on Google Analytics data.

With these tips, you can cut optimization time by 90%, reduce wasted ad spend, and boost sales. Let’s take a look.

“If we want to get the best performance, what should we pick? You always want to go with your Google Ads’ conversion tracking, because you have more data for optimization. You can provide the machine learning with more signals. This is the future.

“Machine learning is here, but you need to provide quality data and training. If we do not have that data available or you have less of the data, it takes more time or the wrong data gets initiated.

“If we're missing out on that first click that comes to Google ads, or we don’t have it available because Google Analytics is attributing it to a different channel, then we might miss a whole sequence of the customer journey. Google Analytics skips it because it’s looking at points for tracking.

“Now, the cons of importing Google Analytics this way is that you have less data for optimization. As I said before, if your Google Analytics is at the beginning of the conversion chain but not the endpoint in time where people convert on their last click, it will simply cut out the data and not feed it back to the channel.”

Great stuff. Thanks Vincent.

Multiple Facebook Ad Accounts

Our next video comes from Maor Benaim, who explains his top 5 reasons to use multiple ad accounts on Facebook.

Check this out --

“When you decide you want to take a product or an affiliate offer seriously nowadays, you'll need to make sure that you have a couple of ad accounts on Facebook already. That's just the way it is.

“The reasons for that are, number one, when one account gets banned on Facebook. It's bound to happen 80, 90 percent of the time with no relation to the creative or the product itself.

“When one account gets banned on the business manager, you get locked out of the option of creating more and accounts. So as soon as you can create more accounts, make sure you do. Having said that, remember that a large number of accounts might raise a red flag on a new business manager too. So be careful, and be smart.”

Alright, we’ve got one more for you today -- the Throwback Post of the Week.

Episode 21 Throwback Post of the Week

This week’s throwback comes from Gil David, one of our longtime contributors.

Last summer Gil shared a video explaining his tried-and-trusty ad account checklist.

The list includes which base metrics to look at for eCommerce and Lead Gen, how to make audits as efficient as possible, and lots more.

The whole video is about 18 minutes -- let’s take a look at a clip.

“Everyone has a different way of doing an audit, but this is how I make sure that I'm covering everything, or at least all the basics that I need to cover.

“I've got checkboxes here, and I'm constantly adding little bits due to changes on Facebook. I’ve gotten feedback from the people I’ve sent it to as well.

“Again, I've got checkboxes for some stuff and the rest you have to fill in. And then I'll score everything one to five. And then there’s an account score at the bottom.

“It's broken down into a few sections. So the first one is the business side overall, and the numbers are there. Then the actual ad account itself, then site and landing pages, which I know somebody will forget when they do an audit. But obviously, that's very important. And then the ads themselves.”

There’s lots more where that came from, so check that video out for more. Thanks Gil.

Final Thoughts for AdLeaks TV Episode 21

And that’s all for AdLeaks TV Episode 21! Thanks for watching till the end, we appreciate it.

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Thanks as always to the AdLeaks community and our contributors this week.

I’m Luke Kostka, and thanks again for watching AdLeaks TV.

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