AdLeaks TV Episode 26 | More LinkedIn Tips, Video Funnels, & More

By Kyle Cavaness - October 2, 2020 1860 Views
adleaks tv episode 26
By Kyle Cavaness - October 2, 2020 1861 Views

Hey everybody, I’m Luke Kostka, your host for a very special AdLeaks TV Episode 26.

If this is your first time watching, we’re sharing a few of the top posts from the AdLeaks community this week.

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AdLeaks TV Episode 26 Featured Videos

Let’s look at this week’s videos.

Messaging Prospects on LinkedIn

We’re kicking things off with the latest video from Jared Warner in his LinkedIn marketing series.

This video is all about messaging, specifically how to message prospects and grow your network.

Jared’s team uses a messaging sequence that gets a 39% connection rate — not too shabby.

Let’s see what Jared has to say this week —

“Your niche behaves differently based on the industry they’re in. They’re going to be more or less likely to respond to you based on the niche that they are in and the nature of their business. 

“An example of this would be a financial adviser. If they don’t get out and bust their ass day in and day out at the beginning of their career, they don’t have a career and they’re no longer in that business. The same can be said for real estate and a number of niches.

“There are other niches where if they just exist, they’re going to make at least 80 grand, over 100 grand in a good market. Like a mortgage broker.

“Mortgage brokers do not need to hire you. They can hire you. The good ones are looking to expand, but they’re not in a make or break, sink or swim situation.

Active Pipelines

“But real estate agents, financial advisors, and insurance brokers need to have an active pipeline. They need to be active. In that feast-or-famine environment, when your profit potential is in that positioning, you can kind of lay back and have a way more laid back approach to connect with them. You could just be like, hey, not here to sell you anything. All good. Let’s connect.

“Just build my network and be really relaxed because they have it need and they know they have a need.”

Excellent, thanks Jared.

Testing Budget for Affiliate Offers

Next up, Maor Benaim is back with some great tips on where you should allocate your testing budget for affiliate offers.

This video is all about generating ROI and scalability, and here’s a sneak peek —

“Will it be Google? Is it going to be Facebook? Is it going to be natives? Which way do I go?

“Let’s start with the initial questions. The first question we want to ask is, is this exciting? Well, and if not, is there a similar product that ran in the past?

“The reason for that is that someone might have already done some research for us. We also want to know if there are cheap opportunities, so what they suggest is something like that.

“…That’s a product that you want to test out. It might be something you can see getting inventory for later on. You might want to learn it as your own or so maybe get it on some other network so you would get some publisher and affiliate traffic.”

Awesome work, thanks Maor.

AdLeaks TV Episode 26: Throwback Post of the Week

This week’s throwback post is from Maxwell Finn.

Anyway, this video is all about sequential video funnels, which Max and his team use to sell expensive or complex products effectively.

Each video is designed to overcome a common objection and build a relationship with the prospect. Let’s take a look —

“Where we start is cold traffic. So we’re starting with interest behaviors, demographics. If it’s a new business, if it’s a public figure page, we have probably advertised before. You’re probably not going to have a lot of data for lookalikes. You’re not going to have, for example, a lot of fan page likes. We’ll use lookalikes down the road, but they probably won’t work out of the gate.

“We’ll start with interest behaviors, demographics. We talked in the previous course about a lot of ways to research that, finding the best interests, and setting everything up the right away. So since we talked about that, we’re gonna hop right in.”

Attention Grabber

“Our very first video ad is going to include an attention grabber. It’s going to try to get you to pay attention to me. That’s very important. Facebook is grabbing their attention, pulling them in, getting them excited and presenting a lot of value.

“This first video grabs their attention. Introduce yourself. Give them a reason to be curious and stay warm. If they continue watching, provide a lot of value. This series of videos is all about demonstrating your expertise.

“Get around to the topic that you’re going to try to sell them on. If I’m selling a course or a webinar mastermind or whatever, where a lot of the reasons to buy are because of me and my knowledge, give them all that good stuff up here.

“Typically, I’ll take pieces of my course, live videos and webinars I’ve done, repackage them and give them away for free. I know I have more stuff that I can sell; I’m not greedy. And I know that by providing value and giving somebody five, 10, 30 minutes of free content that helps them make more money, they’ll be more than happy to pay me down the road.

“If you make somebody money, you’re to get their money for a very, very long time. That’s the way it works. If you don’t make money for them, it’s hard to get money from them.”

Custom Audiences

“That’s video number one. So after three watches, that video was creating a series of custom audiences. We’ve talked of custom audiences previously. This is going to be an engagement-based audience for video games.”

“We’ll create three videos to engage with the audience. This whiteboard video will have a corresponding onscreen demo video. We’ll actually show the behind-the-scenes creation of these elements.

“What do we do now is run a 95%-viewed-video customer audience as the ad set for our video. Number two, if I’m just getting started and I don’t have a lot of traffic, maybe I’ll do 75%, maybe 50%. But as I get more and more video views, I try to jack that up to ninety-five so the prospects are as hot as possible. That’s my best audience.

“Anybody that didn’t watch 85% falls out of the funnel. I don’t need to talk to them anymore more if they’re not willing to sit and consume my content. People who watch 95%, they go ‘next video’.”

Building a Narrative

“The cool thing about this is it’s one of the only ways in digital marketing where you have complete control over a narrative during a series of ads. And what I mean by that is there are very few other ways where you can ensure that somebody’s seeing this ad only saw this specific ad. So you can do retargeting right.

“With this, I know that the only people seeing this video are people that watch 95 percent of the previous video. That’s the only way they can get here.

“That gives me a lot of power because now I can build a narrative. I can tell a story. There’s a cohesive narrative from this piece to this piece of this piece. I don’t always have to restart from square one. I don’t have to reintroduce myself.”

Great stuff Maxwell, thanks.

Final Thoughts For AdLeaks TV Episode 26

And that’s all we have for AdLeaks TV Episode 26! Thanks for sticking around.

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Finally, one last shout-out to our contributors this week and the entire AdLeaks community. I love you. I mean that.

…I’m Luke Kostka, and thanks again for watching AdLeaks TV Episode 26.

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