How to Deal with a Banned Facebook Account — and Keep it From Happening Again

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how to deal with a banned facebook account — and keep it from happening again
how to deal with a banned facebook account — and keep it from happening again

Let’s get real for a minute. If you have an online business and you depend on traffic from just one source (usually Facebook), eventually, you’re going to run into issues.

What happens when that source of traffic slows or stops altogether? You won’t have access to new customers. And before long, you probably won’t have a business either.

Further, advertising on Facebook in 2022 has changed. The cost of acquisition is increasing, and disabled ad accounts, restricted Business Managers (BMs), and low page scores.

Below, we’ll review a few tips to reduce the likelihood of an account restriction or ban — and share a couple of foolproof ways to protect your business if the unthinkable does happen.

Understanding Facebook’s Rules & Why Accounts Get Banned

To a certain extent, it doesn’t matter if you’re a brand, agency, affiliate, dropshipper, lead generator, or local business — the basic rules of Facebook Ads are the same for everyone. Simply put, there are three:

  1. Follow the landlord's rules (AKA Facebook)
  2. Keep the tenants happy (AKA users)
  3. Profit and grow (that's for you 😉)

Another good rule of thumb is to review your ads, landing page, and copy before you hit Publish. Take a look at Facebook’s community and ad policies and ask yourself if any of your content could be in violation or taken out of context. If you find yourself thinking twice about some aspect of your ads, take a step back and rework it.

Remember, Facebook does not consider your spend levels when they ban accounts. They will ban you for the smallest infringement and ask questions later. This is because infringement lawsuits can cost more than you’ll spend on ads in a lifetime.

Tips to Recover a Banned Facebook Account ASAP

In our experience, there are a couple of things that can help you recover a banned or restricted account more quickly. They aren’t guaranteed, but this is a good place to start:

Demonstrate a deep understanding of the ad/community and page policies.

Brown-nose when you write your appeal. The people receiving your message are going through thousands of these a day. Give them all the info, apologize for the mistake, and ask them what you need to do to make it right. Make it as easy as possible for them to say “Sorry, all fixed!”

Remedies for a Banned Facebook Account

If you’re worried about bans or restrictions on your Facebook Ads, there are two options that you can leverage:

  1. Diversify your traffic streams
  2. Use stronger, pre-vetted agency ad accounts

The first option is obvious. Running ads on alternate platforms like Google Ads, Snapchat, TikTok, or Pinterest (depending on your audience) can help you keep new business coming in if your Facebook account takes a dive. 

You can also go beyond social media marketing by incorporating email, SMS, push notifications, and mobile app installations when appropriate. 

The second option, agency ad accounts, isn’t as well-known among online marketers. These are “green status” ad accounts provided by Facebook authorized sales partners. The benefits include:

  • Unlimited Spend Limits
  • Lower risk of ban
  • Lower threshold for ad disapprovals 
  • Direct line to Facebook
  • Dedicated Account Rep

Our agency, OrangeTrail, is authorized to offer these accounts to selected white-hat advertisers who meet our approval process. Our experienced marketers have high-level contacts at all the major advertising platforms.

In addition to “green status” Facebook Ad accounts, OrangeTrail offers up to 5% cashback on your Google ad spend and has agency ad account partnerships with Twitter, Tiktok, Snapchat, and more. If you’re interested, click here to book a call today!

About Rohaan Khan

Rohaan Khan is the CEO & Founder of OrangeTrail Media. OrangeTrail offers “green status” advertising accounts, which have a lower risk of ban, unlimited spend limits, and direct-line access to all platforms. OrangeTrail's whitelisted agency ad accounts can be set up in any timezone/location and offered in USD or EUR currency.