Business Manager “Insurance Policy” – Knowledge Bomb #6

By Tim Burd - August 18, 2017 19194 Views
Facebook Business Manager
By Tim Burd - August 18, 2017 19195 Views

Pay close attention to this one because it could save your business! It has saved ours in the past and now we’re sharing the knowledge in hopes that you never lose your Business Manager Account.

Did you know? Every personal profile can create TWO business manager accounts! With EACH business manager account having 5 ad accounts to start! For those of you who primarily do your advertising through Facebook, this is great news!

Most of you probably already have one account. But, the question is: do you have a backup? If not, you can go to and make a second one. You will ONLY be able to do this while your current business manager is in good standing. I look at creating a second account as an “Insurance Policy” just in case your primary account gets flagged. Sometimes it can take weeks (or months) for you to get a hold of Facebook Support to fix it. So, this is a must have to avoid having all of your marketing to come to a screeching halt. This is why we call this method the “Insurance Policy”.

Once you outgrow the 5 ad accounts simply message Business Manager Support for an increase. If all looks good with your account, you can expect a nice increase in your ad account limit.

Also, once your ad account limit gets raised to 250, 500, 800 or 1,000, you should make as many ad accounts as you possibly can. For organizational purposes just label them Account #1, 2, 3, etc. until you get to the 500 mark. If your account is ever flagged in business manager you cannot add more accounts until its back in good standing. So, make as many ad accounts as you possibly can, and make them ASAP.

Again, it’s insurance against any unforeseen issues! So, get on it, and don’t be that person that comes crawling to our Facebook Ad Buyers group begging for help with suspended ad accounts.


You can also have a family member (or two) create a couple business manager accounts and then just assign you as an admin!


DISCLAIMER: This is not to circumvent any of Facebook’s policies. If you break their terms or guidelines enough you will lose all of your accounts eventually. The “Insurance Policy” is just to be safe for when Facebooks Ad Policy algorithms accidentally block your account and it takes weeks to get it back. Always follow Facebooks Ad guidelines!

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