Designing An Effective Facebook Ad

By Tim Burd - May 17, 2019 4099 Views
By Tim Burd - May 17, 2019 4100 Views

Tips For Designing An Effective Facebook Ad

Facebook is undeniably the dominating social media platform across the world. Most business types utilize Facebook for advertising because it has a lot of features that only Facebook can provide. Aside from taking advantage of the massive reach that Facebook can generate, businesses use Facebook Ads because of its exceptional settings such as the customization of target audiences, allowing a business to reach the exact target market.

On average, a person only reads 20 percent of the text in written content. But content with visuals gets 94 percent more total views. Creativity is a big word when advertising.

So to begin with, let’s talk about your TO DO LIST when creating your ads.


Even if you have an unlimited advertising budget, spending it on qualitative goals like increasing your Vanity Metrics on Likes, Shares, Views, and Followers – definitely not a recommendation. Yes, they offer positive reporting but has no context for future marketing decisions. So, your goal should be focused on Actionable Metrics like Conversion and Sales.


You only have a split second to capture attention as your audience rapidly scroll through their feed. In that small window, your ad should be able to disrupt their feed and stop them from scrolling down.

Ad style is a dictating factor whether your ad is eye-catching. You might be surprised on the results you get depending on how you present your ad.

Here are some pointers to consider for your Facebook ad:

  • Saturation is real.

Be updated on what is trending and monitor competitor ads so you can level up. Creative styles like fashion trends – fade. 3D photos are currently trending on Facebook, maybe you can use that too.

  • Less is more!

A minimal design creates a calm space where the eye can rest from the busy environment of Facebook. Limiting the text to less than 20% is ideal otherwise, Facebook rejects your text- heavy ad.

  • Encourage interaction.

Using images with a person(s) making eye-contact with the viewer can grab a glance and make the ad feel personal. Add engaging features like “swipe-for-more” to give a better ad experience.

  • Entertain to inform.

Users visit Facebook to relax and be entertained, capitalize on that. Set the right mood. However, don’t ever try the “do anything for the click” mentality because this will skew your data and make you pay for unqualified leads.


In designing your ad, keep one person in mind. Have a well-defined customer avatar, otherwise, test your audience through educated statistics. Facebook advertising has the ability to be highly targeted in reaching your ideal market. So if you are targeting multiple markets, create different ads and segment your market.

Also keep in mind that what works best on Instagram, may not work on Facebook. Your audience uses each platform differently, so design according to and you cannot approach them, in the same way, expecting to get the same results.


Take the time to assess the results of your Facebook ad. Open the door for improvements especially if you see that your approach is not getting the results you anticipated. Do not stick to one design – remember, trends are dynamic.

Consider making changes without diluting your brand identity. Just remember to tie everything back to your testable, quantifiable goal and optimize for conversions.

The only rule: Never run a campaign without an active test, if at all possible.

And if tracking these variations become too overwhelming for you, seek help from Digital marketers or consider a marketing automation software that can simplify the process.

Remember, “The road to success is always under construction”.

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