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Facebook Ad Examples: Some Inspiration

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Facebook ad examples.
Facebook ad examples.

Facebook Ad Examples

When making ad campaigns, one of the most important things to consider is the ad copy and creative. It's the first thing that your target audience will see. There are a lot of ways to make creatives but first, it's always a good idea to do some research and see what's working in the niche or market. In this article, we will be citing a few ad examples so you can get some inspiration and ideas.

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1 - Adidas
This ad is very catchy from the start. The color theme used shows the brand's identity. It definitely proves that colors matter. The 3D video shows the features of the product in just seconds. Notice the short & simple captions and animations. Since it's a video ad, you can gather more data as opposed to just using static images. You can retarget video views with offers later on. This ad puts the products at people's fingertips with a full-screen shopping experience. Nice work Adidas.

2 - Montana Office of Tourism
With this canvas ad, Montana Office of Tourism was able to show their audience a firsthand experience of winter action spots. Canvas ads make great use of the entire phone screen making it a captive experience. It also provides a great shopping and browsing experience.

With a mix of 3D captured moments and pictures, potential visitors can see what the area looks like and what the attractions are like. It also includes testimonials from previous tourists which can be a great way to bring some hype to your ads.

Stat: Canvas ads load up to 15x faster than a standard ad.

Canvas ads load fifteen times faster

Canvas ads can be a great option because they load FAST!


3 - SA Fishing Company
Carousel ads are one of the easiest to set up. They are effective because they are able to highlight multiple products and features. Although very simple, people love swiping through carousel ads. Therefore they convert well. In this ad, the company emphasized the multipurpose feature of their face shields. They can be used when hunting, fishing, riding and more. You can also show different camera angles for your products. If you have multiple products, use several slots of the carousel and direct traffic to multiple product landing pages.

Remember you don't have to recreate the wheel. Do some research and find out what is working for your niche. You will gain inspiration and many ideas by taking some time to see what is working within the market already. Thank you for reading our blog, we appreciate all of our members!

What are some of your favorite ad examples you have come across? Leave a screenshot of your favorite examples in the comments and tell us what you like about them.

Happy hunting everyone. 🙂

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