6 Lead Generation Tools to Find Better Prospects

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lead generation tools adleaks featured
lead generation tools adleaks featured

All digital marketers need to generate leads in some form or another. Lead generation in the B2B sector is even more essential because leads turn into prospects and prospects turn into sales. And of course, you’ll need a worthwhile lead-generating strategy to succeed. 

But is that all? (Probably not.) 

We’ve compiled a list of lead generation tools to make your campaigns more relevant and effective. Find out how below they will add value to your marketing strategy!


This is a special tool that converts website traffic to leads. It works in part by changing the text and visuals on the site based on the visitor and their behaviour.

The better you understand your customers, the more you can drive conversions. And helps you understand your customers by collecting and curating their data and making the experience more personal.  

How Does It Work?

  • Emails are personalized. When the prospect clicks the link in the email the page will display what you want them to see rather than something standardised.
  • Social Media campaigns link to your website, which is customized according to the user
  • Organic customers are targeted based on their industry, time of day, and other factors
  • LTV is increased for repeat customers due to further personalization

How Does Provide Value?

  • Understand users better
  • Get reports on how to improve
  • See where users are dropping off and affect necessary changes

How Much Does It Cost?

There is a fixed monthly price based on your growth. But the good news is that there is no coding required and it’s easy to set up.

2. Landingi

Are you a non-programmer who needs a landing page? Landingi has you covered!

What Does Landingi include?

  • Landing page builder
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Multiple landing page templates
  • Copy and paste the same sections to numerous landing pages
  • Mobile user-friendly pages
  • Option to add extra lines of code
  • Duplicate landing pages
  • Image library
  • Pop up builder

How Does It Impact Leads?

  • Landing pages can be integrated with email
  • Display your landing page as part of your Facebook company profile
  • Verify and score leads in an external platform to nurture them
  • Embed callback widgets on landing pages
  • Use tracking to get insights on customer behaviour

What Subscription Options Are Available?

Create: $55/month

  • Landing Page and pop up builder
  • 400+ Landing page templates
  • CRM/sales and email integrations
  • WordPress plugin

Automate: $79/month

  • Everything above
  • A/B testing
  • Autoresponder
  • Funnels
  • Campaign scheduler
  • Smart sections

Agency: $149/month

  • Everything in Create and Automate 
  • White label solutions 
  • Priority support
  • API to create sub-accounts
  • Custom images and templates

There are also options to power up these plans which include more visitors and more domains.

3. Leadfuze

Leadfuze is a search engine for leads! Using its own artificial intelligence and third-party data partners, they match and verify prospect information to provide quality leads.

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Benefits of Using Leadfuze as One of Your Lead Generation Tools

  • Get hyper-targeted leads
  • Use the ignore list to prevent adding existing customers or duplications
  • Build lists
  • Get verified emails, lowering the bounce rate
  • Integrates easily

Leadfuze Plans and Features

Starter for $132.30/month:

  • Unlimited lists
  • Account-based search filters
  • Market-based search filters
  • Fuzebot list build automation
  • Ignore lists
  • Export to CSV
  • De-duplication
  • Integrations
  • 500 Lead credits

Scaling for $447.30/month:

  • All of the above 
  • 2500 Lead credits

Leadfuze also provides a custom plan for those of you with specific needs.

4. UpLead

There are various sites that dig for leads, and while they may be able to provide quantity, there is no guaranteeing the quality. 

UpLead differs in this way by offering B2B prospecting with 95% or higher accuracy.

What You Get

  • Find the right leads and build a list
  • Get the most important information 
  • Get bulk data
  • Verify the data
  • Get Mobile and direct-dial phone numbers of prospects

Pricing Plans

Essentials: $99/month

  • Single User
  • Verified emails and phone numbers
  • Mobile direct dials
  • Chrome extension
  • CRM integration 
  • No contract

Plus: $199/month

  • All of the above
  • Data enrichment
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Enrichment API
  • Technographics
  • Email pattern intel

Professional: $399/month

  • Team Account
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Sales triggers
  • All search filters

5. Drips

Drips is a tool that automatically follows up on leads via email and SMS with — you guessed it — drip campaigns.

Drips improves engagement rates for some of the biggest brands in the world so it's definitely worth taking a look at.

What Are The Benefits of Drips?

  • It uses conversational AI that is constantly learning for better engagement with your customers
  • Ensures constant engagement for a better brand experience
  • Easy to integrate with your existing systems
  • Open API
  • Solid support team

How Does It Work?

  • An event is triggered on your website and a prospect’s information is gathered 
  • Drips figures out the best campaign for engaging the prospect and works with your systems to start communicating
  • Drips uses SMS to identify the prospects’ needs and sells the product based on those needs

6. Lusha

For those of you searching for leads that are CCPA and GDPR aligned, Lusha may be just what you are looking for.

What Will It Help You With?

  • Finding prospects across the web
  • Building accurate prospect lists
  • Accurate data and easy integration for a clear customer picture

Will It Break the Bank?

Drips offers a free trial period, and after that, you can choose from three different options available at different price points:

Professional: $99/month

  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Prospecting
  • Export Contacts

Premium: $199/month

  • All of the above
  • Bulk data enrichment
  • Save contacts to CRM

The Enterprise option is built for scale and includes extras like team management, API access, and a success manager.

Final Thoughts on Lead Generation Tools for Digital Marketers

Different lead generation methods work well for some and not so well for others, but one or more of these tools will open up all kinds of opportunities for your marketing campaigns. Try them out now!

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