AdLeaks TV Episode 27 | Content for Growth, Shopify Retargeting & More

By Kyle Cavaness - October 9, 2020 2045 Views
adleaks tv episode 27
By Kyle Cavaness - October 9, 2020 2046 Views

Hey everybody, I’m Luke Kostka, AdLeaks’ Director of Visual Marketing and your host for AdLeaks TV Episode 27.

In this episode, like every episode, we’re going to show you some of the key posts from AdLeaks this week that you can use to run better ad campaigns and scale your business.

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Featured Videos: AdLeaks TV Episode 27

Let’s look at this week’s videos.

Content & Organic Growth Strategy

First up this week is a post from Chandler Welling. You might recognize Chandler’s name from Welling Media, which is a great resource for creative assets and an AdLeaks partner.

In this video, Chandler spends more than 20 minutes breaking down his content & organic growth strategy. You’ll get Chandler’s ‘secret sauce’ for boosting CTRs, lowering CPMs, and increasing ROAS.

Here’s a sneak peek —

“There are three parts to the strategy. One is algorithm, two is brand, three is paid.

“We’re going to start with the algorithm, how posting frequency affects the algorithm, and how lack of content distribution is holding you back.

“Most people, on average, post about once per day and get around 5% reach. So you’re already throttling your reach by doing what everyone else does.

“Here’s an example. You have a startup skincare brand. You get 1,000 followers and you’re posting once per day. At that five percent reach, you’re only reaching about 50 people. If you’re lucky, you’ll get maybe 30 to 40 engagements on a good day.

Breaking Through the Algorithm

“If this is your strategy, organic might be dead for you because it won’t get you anywhere. What we noticed, though, is that your 5% reach is often the same 5%. So you have 1,000 followers, but you’re reaching the same 50 people with 80% of your content. You have a big audience segment that forgets they even follow you, they forget you exist. That’s a problem. And that begs the question, how do you break through the algorithm?

“You break through with sheer volume. Three to six posts per day. Every brand should be posting through organic social, Instagram, and Facebook. I would even suggest daily YouTube posts.”

Thanks, Chandler. We definitely encourage all of you watching to check out these tips, and contact Welling Media if this strategy sounds like a good fit for you.

LinkedIn Prospecting: Save Time with Saved Replies

Next, we’ve got another installment of Jared Warner’s LinkedIn Marketing series. This week Jared has the inside scoop on speeding up your LinkedIn prospecting by using saved replies to save time.

Here’s a clip —

“Here’s how to automate the manual aspect somewhat. When somebody replies, one thing you can do is create saved replies. You will have all kinds of things for when people say ‘tell us your story,’ or ‘how did you guys get started,’ or ‘how are you in this?’

“We’ll also have people who get straight to it, like, ‘I’d love to talk. This sounds interesting. Let’s chat.’ Then you can send a quick reply and just say that a rundown call takes 10 minutes on average, let’s book a call. And you can have a ‘no-pitch’ pitch.

“If people just say ‘happy to connect,’ you can put them in one bucket. And if people reply, that first reply stops the automation. But if you still want to use that first reply, I always put that into accounts that we use so we can trigger it.”

Thanks again Jared. If you haven’t watched all of Jared’s LinkedIn videos so far, you should definitely check them out if you want to be more effective on that platform.

Facebook Ads Performance Analysis Template

Our last video this week comes from Bradley Hillier, who’s making his first appearance on AdLeaks TV. Welcome to the party, pal.

Bradley was kind enough to share a performance analysis template that can pull in your Facebook Ads data for free and produce a week-over-week analysis. There’s even a link so you can copy the template and use it yourself! Brilliant.

Let’s take a look —

“This is a week-on-week account report spreadsheet. You can see that it looks at the loss and the data to encode retargeting. There are decreases and increases in spend, CPR, etc.

“So I’ve taken a random day in June from one of our clients to do this. We spent $8,000 and then a week later we’ve actually reduced our spend, which negatively impacts revenue. But our relationship actually increased.”

Awesome work. Thanks Bradley.

We’re almost done. But before we go, let’s run it back with the Throwback Post of the Week.

AdLeaks TV Episode 27: Throwback Post of the Week

Our throwback post this week comes from Alex Stiehl, who shared a really useful Shopify retargeting tactic last August that the AdLeaks community is still using today.

Alex has a simple three-step process for creating a Shopify permalink that automatically adds the product to the cart and sends the customer to the checkout page.

Let’s take a look —

“When they click on the link, it adds the product to their cart and they go directly to checkout. It’s going to bypass all the steps of going to the product page, the cart page, and then a checkout page. It really cuts down on the amount of steps that your customers have to take in order to finalize the purchase.

“This one is only for Shopify. I know there are some other ways you can do it for other platforms as well, but I don’t know how to use them. I know it can be done, though.”

Thanks Alex. If you’re marketing on Shopify, be sure to steal that tactic for your campaigns.

Final Thoughts For AdLeaks TV Episode 27

And that’s all we have for AdLeaks TV Episode 27!

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Also, go to if you want all of the latest information from some of the best ad buyers and marketers in the world. That’s right, the world.

And before we go, one more big thank-you to this week’s contributors and all of our AdLeaks members. You’re the wind beneath my wings.

I’m Luke Kostka, and I’ll see you next time on AdLeaks TV.

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