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Instagram Content
Instagram Content

A guide to Improve your Instagram Content

Instagram is the go-to platform for many reasons. It is an easy place to show off your brand's personality.  You can share video or picture content that invites your audience to learn more about what you do. Without a doubt, you should be using Instagram.  The hard part is figuring out how to use it efficiently. If you are new to photography and Instagram content, we have some tips and tricks to make you feel more comfortable behind the camera.


The job is still not done once you have your pictures.  Editing is just as important. Below, we will give you some simple tricks to make you an editing pro in no time! Video content is another huge contender on Instagram.  There are many tools built in to help you generate content.  Today, we will shine the light on a few of them as well.

What to Post

Coming up with ideas for content can be draining.  It’s one thing to post a picture every couple of weeks, but what if you are trying to post daily? (Which you should be.)

We have come up with a list of a few ideas we know your viewers will love.

Behind the scenes

Users that see your behind-the-scenes operations will start to view you more as a person and less as a money-hungry, faceless corporation. Show off some of your team members, maybe give a tour of your workplace.  Give some insight into the process of creating your product or service.

Holiday Celebration

Mainstream holidays are another great way for you to humanize your brand. One example would be a Donut shop putting out content in anticipation of National Donut Day.

Creativity is the key here.  There are plenty of Holidays out there, focus on the well-known ones, or try your luck on the more obscure days. Using a website like National Day Calendar can help you find those obscure holidays with ease. (Did you know National No Beard Day is a thing?)


Showing users the different ways they can use your product is a great goal for video content. Tutorials are some of the most popular posts on social media platforms.  They hook users and spread knowledge on your product's top features. Use this to your advantage!

Basic Photography tips

Photography may seem intimidating at first, but with a few suggestions, you can easily improve the production quality of your content.

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is as simple as it sounds.  Imagine a grid cutting your view into thirds both vertically and horizontally. Place your subject at the intersection of any two of those lines.  Our eyes naturally wander to these areas, and we subconsciously find it pleasing to the eye.

Empty Space

Use the empty space around your subject to generate some contrast.  A messy picture can be hard to figure out what is going on. By using empty space, you can naturally lead the eye of your viewer right where you want it.

Leading Lines

The human brain is always looking for patterns.  Use that to your advantage with lines in your pictures! People’s eyes naturally follow lines.  Guide these lines to your subject to bring attention to your focal point.

Editing Tips

Crop your images

Experiment with different zooms and angles after you take your shot.  Crop it to enhance some of the techniques we mentioned above. Focus on empty space, interesting lines, and rules of thirds. Canva is a great (free!) website that you can use to edit your images.

Video Tricks

Picture-taking can be complicated.  Taking good videos can be even harder. However, with the rise in popularity for video content, you can’t afford to miss out! Use these tips to improve your video content.

Attention-grabbing content

It is often difficult to maintain the interest of your audience for more than a few seconds. Make sure your video gets to the point within the first 5 seconds and doesn't drag on.

Focus on your subject

Similarly to the tips in photo composition, make sure your subject is the main focus of your videos. Keeping your shots focused on what is important is a great way to give off a professional feel to your video content.

Instagram tools

Don’t look too far for tools you can use!  Instagram has some great ones built right in. Boomerang creates interesting content that loops back and forth. Hyperlapse gives you all the tools you need to create an interesting time-lapse. Create a timelapse of an event you're hosting or of a product being built.


Content creation can be a pain.  Use these tips and tricks to boost your creativity and raise interaction from your viewer base! What are your go-to methods for creating Instagram content? Comment on the post and let us know!


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