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4 Keys To Make Complex Content Clear and Consumable

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make complex content clear featured
make complex content clear featured

Do you ever read an article and wonder when the writer will get to the point? Sometimes reading blogs about complex content feels like watching a comedian who never gets to the punchline. 

Let’s flip that question around — is that how people feel when they see and read your content? Because if you’re writing marketing content to engage an audience, their expectations are just as high — and you’ll lose them if you waste their time and fail to provide value.

If you’re creating content to sell a complex or technical product or service, it’s important to break down the concepts into bite-sized and scannable “chunks” to capture attention and keep users’ eyes on your material. 

Use these tips and tactics to inform your audience effectively — and keep them interested from beginning to end.

Video Scripts

Marketing videos may be one of the best ways to explain your product without confusion. But how do you write them?

First, know your audience. Identify their primary pain point — in other words, their biggest problem — and craft your script around your product as a solution to that problem. 

The script should follow a logical pattern — illustrate the problem, present the solution, and highlight the positive outcome at the end. Think of it as a simple story or fairy tale. It should also appeal to negative and positive emotions and empathize with the viewer throughout. 

logical emotions complex content

Also, keep the speech as natural as possible. Write as you speak. Read it out loud and make edits.

Finally, make the first 3 seconds AMAZING to give viewers a reason to stick around. And be sure to end with the all-important call to action. In other words, tell the audience exactly what to do. Don’t leave them with any doubt.

Social Media Posts

If you are struggling to keep things simple, writing social media posts is like a “keep things simple” boot camp for digital marketers. But how do you keep it simple and still have a message with impact?

Hootsuite recommends 5-18 words for posts to be effective. And while that’s not always possible for a technical or complicated concept, it’s a good rule of thumb to strive for. 

See your posts as an opportunity for minimalism. Give viewers a peek, but make that peek enticing enough to draw them in for a longer look at the whole picture.

Each post should have a clear goal. Make them fun — and don’t be boring. Also, consider the differences between social media platforms and audiences and adjust your content accordingly. 

make posts fun

Write various versions of the same copy and get feedback. Use some funky words. And incorporate the purpose and tone of the post into the call to action.

Email Newsletters

We’ve all found ourselves desperately searching for the unsubscribe button at the bottom of a boring or irrelevant email at some point. So what’s to stop your customers from doing that to you? Here are some tips.

First, put some real thought into each email’s subject line. You can do this by appealing to the negative emotions that might drive your customers, such as greed, fear, pain, or vanity. Conversely, you can keep things straightforward, personal, and simple.

email subject lines complex content
Email subject lines - image source

Also, it’s a good idea to put the juicy bits and offers near the top of the email, as well as a call to action. Include links sparingly and keep the content of the emails short if possible.

Web Page Copy

According to research, people don’t read web pages in a conventional way. Readers follow an unconscious ‘F’ shape pattern. We look for the information we hope to find and if we don’t find it, we bounce.  

f shape pattern
F-shaped pattern - image source

With this in mind, web pages need to be punchy and concise while still meeting SEO demands. And this isn’t always an easy task. 

Start by making sure that the first few words are powerful and unforgettable. The information needs to be scannable but still carry the point. 

Even if you’re writing about complex content, your webpage copy should try to generate an emotional connection with your readers. 

Again, don’t be boring. (If you can master this one tip, you’ll already have a head start on just about every technical webpage in your niche.) Have a bit of personality. And use a call to action with a verb - that’s a doing word, folks!

Final Thoughts On Crafting Complex Content For Digital Marketing

There are buckets more forms of content writing we could cover here and each one could have its own post. But if you apply just some of these tips in these areas, from various experts in the industry you can see improvement.

And if you’ve already forgotten everything you’ve read in this post, just remember this — whatever you’re writing, keep it simple and punchy. 

Funnel everything you want to say through these two key requirements. Write so that your audience can process and understand what you’re saying, and directly address their wishes and desires.

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