5 Content Tools to Make Digital Marketing Easier

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5 content tools to help digital marketers succeed
5 content tools to help digital marketers succeed

Digital marketers are under constant pressure to implement the best strategies and the latest methods to improve returns on ad spend and marketing investments. But if you want effective campaigns, don’t overlook the importance of your content choices. Content should be a major component of your strategy, not an afterthought. 

Further, producing new and innovative content regularly can be quite a task, so knowing and using the right tools is essential. 

We’ve gathered five great resources for content, including image libraries, music libraries, and other content tools to ensure your marketing collateral is top-notch. 

A little investment here could mean a big return on your ad spend!

1. Adbox

In a nutshell, Adbox is one of the best eCommerce ad libraries available. 

Research has found that about 50% of conversions can be attributed to the quality of an ad, not the brand or the product. This means, as a digital marketer, you need to get your hands on the best ads out there!

What are the Benefits of Adbox?

  • Source ad creatives
  • Stay connected with ads outside of your niche
  • Understand the marketing tactics of viral trends
  • Get the power and knowledge to create high performing ads

What Do You Get With This Content Tool?

There are two different Adbox plans available, and both include:

  • Access to the month’s latest 100 ads
  • New ads from fast-growing eComm brands
  • Anytime cancelation

If you choose the unlimited access option, you get the entire library of 1,500+ ads in addition to any future perks and features.

2. Filmstro

If you need some tunes for videos, ads, or other collateral, Filmstro is the best place to start. 

This is a music library with unlimited royalty-free music. The music can be adapted to any project quickly and easily.

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What Does Filmstro Do?

  • Edits music
  • Sees what is trending and gets the latest releases
  • Creates custom soundtracks
  • Uses these soundtracks on Youtube, your website, videos, and other locations

What’s in a Filmstro Subscription?

YouTuber: $14.99 per month 

  • Cancel anytime
  • Copyright-cleared music
  • Premiere pro plugin
  • Unlimited use
  • Monetized YouTube

Pro Plan: $37.99/mo

  • All of the above +
  • Wedding Films
  • Corporate videos
  • Online ads

Pro Plus: $74.99/mo

  • All of the above 
  • Broadcast ads, TV, and film

You can also choose an annual subscription at a discounted rate, and there’s a student option if you’re just starting out.

3. InVideo

InVideo is a content resource and library that provides you with easy-to-use, time-saving, cost-effective video templates.

What’s in InVideo?

InVideo provides users with a huge library that includes more than 4,000 impressive templates. This content tool also offers millions of stock videos, effects, and images, all of which are customizable with a built-in editor.

What Subscription Options Are Available?


  • Watermark-free videos
  • 3,500 video templates
  • Media library
  • Automated text to speech
  • 15-minute video duration per video

Business: $15/month

  • Everything above
  • 10 iStock media per month
  • 1M+ premium media options
  • 60 video exports per month
  • 20 remove background credits

Unlimited: $30/month

  • Everything available in the freebie option
  • 120 iStock media per month
  • 1M+ premium media
  • Unlimited video exports per month
  • 40 remove background credits

Finally, InVideo also has a discount for annual signups!

4. Scopio

Scopio is a valuable resource for authentic stock photos from around the world. The collection is updated weekly with new images to choose from.

Scopio Plans and Features

Individuals and small business: $9.99/month (5% discount with annual payments)

  • Unlimited downloads
  • License coverage for unlimited usage
  • Saved boards

Businesses with more than 10 employees pay $108-$325/month, which includes:

  • Everything above
  • Contact Photographers
  • Customer Support
  • Exclusive and Custom Collections

5. Piktochart

Our final tool, Piktochart, allows you to create infographics, presentations, social media graphics, reports, and a host of other things to fortify your online presence and build your audience.

Benefits of Using Piktochart

  • Customize your brand
  • Create engaging content
  • Communicate complex data simply

Piktochart Pricing Plans


  • Up to five projects
  • 100MB storage for uploads
  • Unlimited access to templates, images, illustrations, and icons
  • Unlimited access to charts and maps

Pro (One User): $24.17/mo

  • Watermark removal
  • 50GB of storage
  • Export images in HD

Team (2-4 Users): $21.67/mo

  • Create custom templates
  • 100GB of storage
  • Brand assets

Final Thoughts on Content Tools for Digital Marketers

With these diverse and innovative tools in place, you can start building great ads right now. In other words, these tools won’t break the bank — in fact, they’ll improve your bank balance by driving engagement, conversions, and ROI. So jump in and give one or more a try!

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