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Quiz Funnels
Quiz Funnels

What is a Facebook Quiz Funnel and Why does it Work?

Today, we are diving into the effectiveness of quiz funnels. We aren't talking Buzzfeed quizzes to learn what type of dessert you are. We are talking about different quiz types. For example, the quizzes that ask you questions about your health and lifestyle and then recommend a specific product tailored to you. An example of this would be Care/of Vitamins. You take a brief quiz and they personalize daily packs of vitamins that are best suited for you. Here is what you need to know about quiz funnels.

Quiz funnels are awesome. Let's find out why.


What makes them Work?

Quizzes are fun and they capture the attention of users. In addition, people love when things feel personalized to them. Even if you don't have a product that is specifically personalized to the user like Care/of, there are plenty of other options. If you're running e-comm ads, you can have a quiz that gathers general information for style, lifestyle, likes, and suggest a product or products for the user.

In addition, it provides an opportunity for you, as a business, to gather data. You can learn which products are most popular and in-demand, which helps with planning inventory. Quizzes allow users to feel like products are hand-picked for them and address customer's uncertainties.

The Headline

80% of users on Facebook only read the headline while scrolling. So advertisers need to ensure they have a captivating headline that is going to catch the eye of scrollers. The headline should present a relatable problem that can be "solved" by your business. For example, "Do I need teeth whitening?"


Quiz Funnels

Care/of Vitamins Quiz.


Quiz Funnels

Warby Parker


Quiz Funnels

Hubble Contacts.

Get Quizzin'!

Once the user flows through your quiz, you should have a clear call to action. And don't forget to retarget those who took your quiz, that is some low-hanging fruit. Quiz funnels are a fun way to increase engagement, collect data, get user information, and boost sales. A lot of advertisers are capitalizing on this method. Would quiz funnels work for your business? If so, have you tested quiz funnels in your ad strategy? We would love to hear! Let us know by commenting on our post.


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