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Here are 6 Signals that Email Marketing is Alive and Well

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6 Reasons Email Marketing is Still Viable, and How You Can Use It to Succeed

We’re sure you’ve heard it a million times that email marketing is a thing of the past.

These rumors aren't surprising given we're in an age where Slack and other messaging platforms have taken the working world by storm.

A growing number of marketers assume that because they don't spend as much time in their email inbox that everyone else is in a similar boat, but industry data tells a completely different story.

Each and every day I live and breathe data, and what I'm seeing every day in my research may shock you:

#1 - Volume Speaks Louder Than Words

This year so far, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received.

To break this down to a digestible number, that would be 804 million emails sent and received each day. It's an obvious indicator that numerous people are definitely still using email.

This leaves tons of opportunity for email marketing.

#2 - Average Return on Investment May Shock You

Return on Investment (ROI) is probably a phrase you are quite familiar with.  On average, it costs $1.72 per click on Facebook to advertise.

Email, on the other hand, has an average return on investment of $38 for every $1 spent.  In this comparison, email is the obvious winner, but it is somewhat comparing apples to oranges.

ROI and Cost-Per-Click are not exactly the same and can differ depending on the industry or product. Some brands and product types will have amazing results on email, while others fare much better on social or in Google ads.

And the only way you can truly know is to test. If you don't test, you'll never know.

#3 - Reach Data Is Another Shocker

Here's another detail that may surprise you...

Did you know that nearly 85% of emails reach the person they are sent to?

Now, whether they actually get opened is quite another story, but 85% is still an impressive metric.

Knowing that you will reach the majority of your email list is very encouraging.  You have a lot more leverage to push a conversation, it all just comes down to dialing in your offer and making sure that your funnel is primed.

#4 - People Check Their E-mail

Email is often the first thing people check during their workday — 58% of people go through their email inbox before they check their social media, company site, or news.

Getting your information in front of potential customers early can give them something to think about all day.  Show them your value through powerful and beautifully free email content, and you may be surprised at what leverage you can gain.

#5 - Abandoned Cart & Follow Up Emails Work

Think deeply about your email drip campaign approach. Our research has concluded that if you send three emails, you'll get 69% more orders as compared to a single email.

This indicates that your drip email campaign (if done correctly) can make a huge difference. Use tools like Klavio and Mailchimp to send messages to potential customers who have abandoned cart at various points in their shopping effort.

Don't start with the assumption that you're going to overdo it with followup emails. Within reason, your efforts will most likely wake consumers up to the value of your product, rather than to send them running for the hills.

# 6- Does Email Really Perform Better Than Social... Still?

Different platforms will naturally have certain pros and cons.

Facebook and Twitter are great for many things, but acquiring new customers can be a bit tricky.

Recent data has shown that email is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers!

The secret to your email marketing success is to take a giant leap and try things. Dare not to assume and make data your best friend.

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