Influencer Marketing - How to Decide What Channel to Use

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influencer marketing, influencers, Twitter ads, instagram influencers
influencer marketing, influencers, Twitter ads, instagram influencers

Influencer Marketing Channels

If you're new to Influencer advertising, you might be wondering where you should be spending your advertising dollars. Taking the time test your specific offer on each platform is extremely important. Since we all love shortcuts, including myself, here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of each social platform for influencer marketing.

Facebook Strengths:

  • Easy to share or boost the posts behind the scenes
  • Attribution is easier to track
  • Every engagement pushes the post that much further
  • Higher quality traffic
  • Ability to boost posts with your Facebook ad account

Facebook Weaknesses:

  • Hard to qualify whether a page is legit or not
  • Hard to contact and schedule posts
  • Easy to manipulate metrics
  • Links in posts kill the reach

Instagram Strengths:

  • Big bang for your buck
  • Easy to contact and schedule pages
  • Easy to qualify pages
  • Easier to drive conversions

Instagram Weaknesses:

  • Can't add hyperlinks to captions
  • Link in bio rarely works
  • Performance metrics are minimal

Twitter Strengths:

  • Option to add a link to tweet
  • Easy for people to share
  • Detailed performance
  • Ability to boost posts and guarantee impressions

Twitter Weaknesses:

  • Difficult to drive conversions
  • Hard to connect with page owners unless you "know a guy"
  • Links kill post reach
  • Hard to qualify pages

With all of this said, it's still not a one size fits all formula. For example, some apps perform better on IG whereas a song promotion will probably do better on Twitter or Facebook. There are a million things to take into account when deciding where to focus your money. Ultimately, it comes down to treating each platform like an experiment and optimizing as you go.

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Thanks for reading! If you have a specific influencer marketing topic you want to be covered, comment below! If you're still not sure where you should focus, shoot me a message on LinkedIn with a link to what you're promoting and I'll reply with a brief summary of my thoughts!

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