How to Use Infographics for Marketing

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infographics for marketing featured
infographics for marketing featured

Do infographics for marketing have any real value for you or your clients?

Well, if you’ve ever seen or shared a useful infographic yourself, then you should be able to use those same tactics to reach and expand your audience.

Let’s get started by looking at some infographic snippets:

Infographics for Marketing Infographics for Marketing Infographics for Marketing

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Now, it’s certainly possible to share those facts and figures in a paragraph or bulleted list. But would they have the same impact? Would they be as memorable? Probably not.

Still not convinced? Here’s some more information that might change your mind:

more infographic facts infographics for marketing lead generation content marketing snippet

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If you already knew these facts, good for you. But how many hours of reading and research did you have to do to find learn that information?

That’s the beauty of infographics for marketing -- not only do they save time and provide valuable insights, but they’re useful for expanding your brand and demonstrating your industry knowledge.

A few more benefits of using infographics for marketing include:

  • Making dry or boring information like statistics more visually interesting
  • Summarizing information in a memorable way
  • Breaking complex or difficult concepts into modular steps
  • Expand your reach with branded and sharable visual content
  • Visualising data can help clarify the point you’re trying to make

How to Make the Most of Infographics for SEO

Infographics can be useful if you’re trying to increase search engine rankings and generate more organic traffic.

First, infographics can show up in Google’s image results, which is less competitive than the primary Google search bar.

Second, infographics can also increase users’ time on page, so your audience will be more likely to engage with other content on your website.

Tips to Create Infographics for SEO

  • Your infographic should make sense visually -- each section should clearly flow into the next
  • Share information that can’t be found elsewhere
  • Use your websites’ older blog posts as a resource to create new infographics and visual collateral
  • Use solid data to support your content and share references at the bottom

Try different types of infographics to see what your audience responds to, including:

  • Statistics and lists
  • Flowcharts
  • Timelines
  • How-To Guides
  • Comparison Charts

Finally, the infographics you create should contain information that is valuable and relevant to your audience. If they are intrigued by your content, users are more likely to take action or investigate further.

How to Use Infographics for Marketing Campaigns Effectively

Interesting and engaging infographics are much more likely to be shared than a text-only article or blog.

Even if your infographics don’t become overnight sensations, you’ll still have a distinct advantage if they stand out and are shareable. On LinkedIn alone, images posts generally produce a 98% higher comment rate.

Best Practices for Sharable Marketing Infographics

  • Optimize every infographic for sharing both on social media and your website
  • Instead of posting an entire infographic, roll out bite-sized pieces on social to generate anticipation
  • Share an exciting infographic section with email subscribers with a link to the whole image
  • Link back to your infographics as references in other marketing and advertising content

Making Infographics for Marketing

We have arrived at the nitty-gritty, so let's get down to business with a refreshing Singapore Sling Cocktail.

Infographics for marketing basics

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If you use this information correctly and follow the steps below, you’ll be well on your way to infographic success! And don’t forget to be concise and make sure the message is easy to identify.

making an infographic

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