10 Top Sources For Outsourcing Marketing Talent

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outsourcing marketing talent featured
outsourcing marketing talent featured

Where do you turn when it’s time for outsourcing marketing talent for your business?

We’ve collected a list of sites that are particularly useful if you’re looking for digital advertising expertise and talent. We also have some tips for advertising your role effectively so that someone that you’ll want wants it.

Below are some paid options and some free options at your disposal.

Paid Options for Outsourcing Marketing Talent

You could be outsourcing for any number of reasons. But when you pay for a service, you should expect a higher level of quality than if it was free, right?

That isn’t always a guarantee, of course. But paying to advertise a position or project need for marketing talent should put you at the front of the line for views and engagement. Here are some places you can do that.

1) MediaBistro

The MediaBistro website makes it easy for prospective employers to get started -- just click “Post Job” in the top right-hand corner.

That button will lead you to different pricing options for advertising your job. The more positions you advertise, the less you’ll spend per position. This option is probably best suited for scaling and bringing on multiple employees at once.

mediabistro outsourcing marketing talent

Having said that, MediaBistro has a U.S.-based network of talented full-time and freelance professionals. If you are looking for someone or something specific without actually posting a job, you could start by scrolling through their wide array of talent.

2) FlexJobs

For 13+ years, FlexJobs has worked with leading employers to access new high-quality talent pools and recruit remote workers.

FlexJobs has a subscription-based, members-only service for posting jobs, searching for candidates, and other perks that starts at $299. FlexJobs uses their discretion as far as who can get a membership, however, so it may not be the right fit for everyone.

flexjobs remote work

On the bright side, you can submit up to five jobs at no cost, and they will consider posting them, you just need to meet their requirements.

3) Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite Jobs was founded in 2017 but had a lot of experience to its name before that. Hiring with them starts at $199, but there are other packages available depending on your needs.

Notably, marketing has its own dedicated list under Dynamite Jobs’ ‘Hire with Us’ dropdown. Writing and content creation does too, so candidates who are looking for work should have an easier time finding you.

dynamite jobs outsourcing marketing talent

They also have a nifty Remote Hiring Guide full of details you may not have considered during your hiring process. This includes checklists (because who can function without them?) and interview questions.

4) We Work Remotely

As soon as you land on We Work Remotely’s homepage you’ll have little doubt what it costs to post a job. But given the site’s 2.5 million monthly visitors, it may be well worth it.

we work remotely wwr outsourcing marketing talent

WWR also offers to send manually prioritised applicants directly to you. This is a useful feature if you don’t want to sort through applications or you’re short on time. There are other add-ons for further exposure at an extra fee.

For job hunters, WWR is organised according to categories, which streamlines what users see. The quality of available jobs is high, so the quality of job seekers should (hopefully) be too.

5) Skip the Drive

Skip the Drive is free for job seekers, which creates a broader pool of browsers and potential talent. This page is also organised by category, but Marketing isn’t lumped in with sales like it is on many other sites.

skip the drive search

Marketing, Web Development, and Project Management are all discrete sections on this site, so you can hone in on outsourcing marketing talent. Skip the Drive charges $79 to post a job listing for 30 days, and primarily draws talent from the U.S.

Free Talent Sourcing Options

Unlike the paid platforms above, these options have a lower upfront cost if you’re sourcing staff. There may, however, be a time sacrifice involved as you trawl through profiles and resumes.

Having said that, who knows? One of these options might be the perfect fit for finding who you’re looking for.

1) Hubstaff

Hubstaff advertises itself as ‘the free way to find the world’s best remote talent’. And as all marketers know, everyone loves the word free.

Talented people from around the world can create a personal profile on Hubstaff and access remote job postings.

You can browse by skill and also search profiles. This is one example of a potential time loss for you, as you may find yourself scrolling through users to find the right skillset for your needs.

hubstaff outsourcing marketing talent

If the profile search isn’t for you, go ahead and post your job on Hubstaff’s board for free. Responses can be routed through the platform to your email inbox.

2) Indeed

Indeed is a well-known and well-trafficked hub for job hunters. Combined with the fact that employers can post roles on Indeed for free, your post for outsourcing marketing talent should get a lot of attention.

indeed post a job for free

Indeed has lots of options around the world, including,,, and more This international presence enables access to a talent pool you may not have considered, with fresh ideas and perspectives.

3) Outsourcely

Outsourcely makes the list because you can create a free job post or upgrade to a paid option for more exposure and features that won’t break the bank.

outsourcing marketing talent outsourcely

People can also post candidate profiles on Outsourcely, so if you don’t mind headhunting a bit, this might be the right choice for you.

One of the many perks of Outsourcely for talent and employers is that the employers that use this platform are usually looking to hire for long-term remote positions. Many of the other platforms only offer short term and freelance projects. This setup may have a positive influence on the talent pool.

If you are looking for a long term relationship with your employee, this could be the perfect place.

4) Freelancer

It seems easiest to just let Freelancer tell you what’s so great about their service.

freelancer outsourcing marketing talent

In addition to those benefits, Freelancer has more than 1,350 job categories. If you’re looking for niche or specialized project help, this may be the place to find that person.

Freelancer also means you don’t have to hire people long term, so there’s no ‘temp-to-hire’ expectation or huge overhead costs. If you want someone for something specific, you can outline the project and find someone to meet those needs.

5) Upwork

Upwork is very well-known and has a large network that contains a huge variety of talent and skills. It shows you members’ profiles so you can see their skills and rate per hour, or you can post a job directly.

upwork outsourcing marketing talent

In spite of its ubiquity, however, Upwork still takes a 20% cut, which can turn some users off and push prices up. For that reason, Upwork probably shouldn’t be your only source for outsourcing marketing talent.

Hiring Tips For Outsourcing Marketing Talent

Hopefully you’re confident now in which site you’re going to use to meet your company’s or project’s needs.

And while you know what role you need to fill, can you just throw a job posting together to attract the best? If only.

According to SoGoSurvey, the more technical you get, the more difficult it is to find candidates that match well. And Sales/Marketing is one of the five most challenging positions to recruit and hire for today.

Tip 1) Skills are Easier to Teach Than Fit

Someone may be a great hire and the right fit but lack the specific skills needed. Consider providing training and education to make up for that lack.

Prove from your side you want the relationship to be long-term. See if their way of working is the right fit for you and consider the transferable skills they have.

Tip 2) Put Some Thought into the Listing

There are a lot of job listings out there, and let’s be honest -- some are beyond boring to read.

Put some effort and time into writing your job description. Don’t just list day-to-day tasks, talk about the results you’re looking for and why someone would want to work for you. Be thoughtful about how you inspire candidates.

Tip 3) Market Your Marketing Role

You're in marketing yourself, so market your job in a unique or unusual way that would get your attention.

If someone sees the level of creativity you are willing to go to they may be inspired to join and work in such a dynamic team. Show off what makes your company special. Use quotes from team members or 30-second video messages.

We hope this guide has helped to point you in the right direction and guide you to talented remote workers.

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