5 Reasons Influencers Aren't Replying to Your Messages

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Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing

One of the most frustrating things when launching an Influencer marketing campaign, or trying to book a single post, is getting a reply. You can send messages to influencers until your fingers bleed; but until you're speaking their language, replies are going to be few and far between.

Here are the top 5 reasons that your outreach efforts are not as effective as they could be!

  • Your subject line sucks
  • Your messages are too long
  • Your offer is not relevant to the Influencer's audience
  • You're stuck in message requests
  • You're reaching out on the wrong platform

1. Your Subject Line / Preview Message Sucks:

Your subject line (the part of the message that shows in the preview) should be short and reveal your exact intent without them having to open the message. The idea that you need to stroke an influencer's ego in the subject line is absolutely false. (See Example below)

Influencer Marketing Instagram
Make sure to have your email subject line clear and to the point.

2. Your Messages Are Too Long

No one likes getting a 10-paragraph message. Additionally, you shouldn't spend a ton of time making one until they've engaged in a conversation with you. Be clear and concise in your first message. Elaborate after they reply. (See example below)

Influencer marketing platform
This message is to the point and easy to understand! Get to the details once you have a response from the influencer.

3. Your Offer is Not Relevant to the Influencer's Audience 

If you reach out to someone who is in no way related to your offer, you're either not going to get a reply or you will get a stupidly high price. Be intentional about who you spend time talking with. You can always ask them what they think about the offer/audience before buying a post.

4. You're Stuck in Message Requests 

Every social platform now has a message requests tab where hundreds of messages are never seen. Sometimes you have to be creative with how you get their attention. If you see someone you really like, comment on their post or add them on FB, Twitter, etc, and @ them.

Also, don't be afraid to follow up every now and then!

5. You're Reaching out on the Wrong Platform 

Influencers are getting hundreds of messages every day. Make sure you're reaching out where you know they're actively checking. This could be Kik, email, or a separate platform. Usually, they will have business-related instructions in their bio. If not, ask someone for an intro.

One More Quick Influencer Marketing Tip

An efficient way to build the list of accounts you can work with is to ask for intros. Always ask the influencers you work with if they have any friends who could join in on your promotions!

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